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NTB-000-669 8.3. Immigration requirements (Visa, travel permit)
2014-09-02 Tanzania: Immigration Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Delay of issuance of work permit by United Republic of Tanzania  
Resolution status note: The issue is not about integrating the permits but the 'delays' in issuing the permit. This anomaly can be corrected. Focal points need to get more information on the nature of Delay. At the Tanzania NMC meeting, Immigration reported that the work permits are processed within 14 days maximum if all information is provided.  
NTB-000-668 8.8. Issues related to transit 2015-02-17 Uganda: It is the Police of Iganga in the Republic of Uganda who take in hostage of the truck and its driver because they get and accident. Burundi Resolved
Complaint: Following the accident held in IGANGA in the Republic of Uganda on 17 February, 2015 at 19h30, east african time, the truck which is registered in Burundi has been taken in hostage by Uganda Police until today and the driver is in prison at IGANGA. The truck have a COMESA Insurance that occurs wherever you are in the sub region.The COMESA insurance number is 0067772 (truck ) and 0067773 (trailer) valid from 23/03/2014 to 03/22/2015. The truck has the registration number of A2588A (truck) and T0110A (trailer). We are requesting that this truck and its driver can be released, so that they can continue their travel. Note that the truck contains the construction materials and shoes and was returning to Burundi.  
Resolution status note: On 21st December 2015, Uganda Focal Point reported that they had contacted the Police Chief- Director of Traffic who is also a member of the NMC. The truck was released long time ago and therefore this is a resolved NTB.  
NTB-000-665 8.7. Costly Road user charges /fees
2015-03-02 Tanzania: Dar-es-Salaam Port Rwanda Resolved
Complaint: Double payment of port exit fees: URT is charging double payment at inland and port exit. Inland container deposits have been introduced in reduce the congestion at Dar port. However, freight forwarders have reported being required to pay for port exit fees twice.  
Resolution status note: This NTB was resolved. Rwanda transporters have not reported any further charges on the same  
NTB-000-664 3. Technical barriers to trade (TBT)
B3: Labelling, Marking and Packaging requirements
2013-01-01 Tanzania: Tunduma Burundi Resolved
Complaint: TFDA is imposing new requirements on export of BRARUDI beers into Tanzania. TFDA is requesting new labels to include additional information and storage condition for the product that was not required when they submitted the application for export.  
Resolution status note: Burundi reported that TFDA had finally registered Burundi beers and that the company had received its certificate of registration.  
NTB-000-663 8.8. Issues related to transit 2015-02-19 Mozambique: Weighbridge at Matola on the Maputo corridor Zimbabwe Resolved
Complaint: Zimbabwean truck drivers are now facing police harassment near the weighbridge at Matola on the Maputo corridor. The police are taking Zimbabwe drivers licence and their passports, supposedly to check the authentication of the driver holding the documents. The driver is released in order to go and off load and is briefed that the police will have an answer for him on his return.

On his return driver is told that the licence is a fake and the driver is to pay a spot fine of ZAR5000.00. It appears that the police are rubbing the metal disc with something, so that certain information is now very faded, and not legible. When the driver produces his international drivers’ licence, to confirm the validity that is taken away by police, who only return it after some hours, with the expiry date is now illegible. The ZAR 5000.00 rand fine is enforced. The language is a convenient barrier, as the police claim not to be able to speak English. All fines in Mozambique seem to be ZAR 5000.00.

Drivers are detained for days until they come up with some sort of cash ranging from ZAR400.00 upwards if they are lucky. This problem is more prevalent during weekends.

Please can we have a stop put to this practice? Defacing a Government document I believe is an offence, and should not be tolerated. Business is challenging enough as it is, without trade barriers being further forced upon the transport industry.
Resolution status note: During the meeting of the SADC Sub Committee on Trade Facilitation, Zimbabwe reported that the drivers no longer faced this problem hence the problem is resolved.  
NTB-000-661 2.7. International taxes and charges levied on imports and other tariff measures 2014-12-11 Uganda: Uganda Revenue Authority Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Uganda charges 25% duty rate on scrapping rolls manufactured in Kenya and also on products manufactured in Kenya using glucose.  
Resolution status note: At the Kenya NMC NTBs meeting held in Nairobi on 16th March 2015, Kenya confirmed that Uganda had scrapped the 25% duty .This position was endorsed by the 17th NTB forum thereby resolving this issue.  
NTB-000-660 2.10. Inadequate or unreasonable customs procedures and charges 2014-12-11 Kenya: Mombasa sea port Uganda Resolved
Complaint: Scanning of Uganda goods by anti-counterfeit agency at Mombasa  
Resolution status note: The 17th EAC NTBs Forum held in Nairobi from 24-26 march 2015 considered and resolved tise NTB.  
NTB-000-659 2.14. Other 2014-12-11 Kenya: Mombasa sea port Uganda Resolved
Complaint: Selective auctioning of Ugandan goods at Mombasa Port.  
Resolution status note: At the Kenya NMC NTBs meeting held in Nairobi on 16th March 2015, KRA reported that all auctions had been conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations. Uganda had been given an extended 90 day period in which to notify owners of the auction after which the auction was conducted. This position was endorsed by the 17th NTB forum thereby resolving this issue.  
NTB-000-658 8.8. Issues related to transit
2014-12-11 Kenya: Along corridor Rwanda Resolved
Containerized cargo is being subjected to Imposition of 4 weighbridges instead of agreed 2 as agreed by Partner States.
Resolution status note: Kenya adheres to the decision of Ministers therefore containerized trucks are weighed at points of entry and exit. Containerized Trucks are weighed on motion in all weighbridges except at Malaba.  
NTB-000-656 1.4. Preference given to domestic bidders/suppliers
2014-12-11 Tanzania: Ministry of Trade Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Discrimination of Smirnoff of ice brand of East African Breweries (Kenya) Ltd products.  
Resolution status note: At the NTBs Forum held in March/ April 2016, Kenya reported that the discrimination had been lifted.  
NTB-000-655 8.7. Costly Road user charges /fees
2014-12-11 Kenya: Kajiado and Kwale counties in Kenya Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: Kajiado and Kwale counties in Kenya re-introduced County transit Fee  
Resolution status note: ajiado and Kwale counties in Kenya removed the County transit Fee  
NTB-000-654 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2014-12-11 Uganda: Mutukula Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: Rwanda and Uganda have not accorded preferential treatment on exports of rice from Tanzania through Rusumo and Mutukula borders respectively.

Resolution status note: On 21st December 2015, Uganda Focal Point reported that Uganda was now according preferential treatment for rice originating from Tanzania. This NTBis therefore resolved  
NTB-000-651 8.8. Issues related to transit 2014-12-11 Tanzania: Along Central corridor Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania has several weigh bridge stations along the central corridor  
Resolution status note: At the 21st EAC NTBs Regional Forum , Tanzania reported that the NTB had been resolved because there are only three weigh bridges Vigwaza at the coastal region, Njuki in Singida and Nyakahura in Kagera region weigh in motion weighbridges. It takes maximum of 4 days to exit the border from Dar Port and 2 days for fuel tankers.  
NTB-000-650 6.6. Border taxes 2015-02-01 Mozambique: Delegação Aduaneira de Ressano Garcia (Road) South Africa Resolved
Complaint: Good day. Terminal Operator at Ressano Garcia plans to enforce fees to all cargo vehicles for the utilization of Ressano Garcia with effect from the 16th February 2015. The fees as attached to this request are ridiculous as a truck weighing 28Tons with Imports to Mozambique is expected to pay no less than R3000 on each occasion they enter Mozambique via Ressano Garcia. The upgrades at the port were an investment to ease trade facilitation and I'm of the view that traders are not opposed to paying however the required amount is way high and unfortunately the end-user will end up carrying these costs the end of the day.  
Resolution status note: On 25 February 2015, Mozambique focal point confirmed that there has not been any fee set or fee charged for the use of the cargo Terminal of Ressano Garcia, since this matter is still under discussion internally. This NTB is therefore resolved  
NTB-000-649 8.7. Costly Road user charges /fees
2014-12-11 Tanzania: Ministry of Transport Burundi Resolved
Complaint: United Republic of Tanzania is charging USD200.00 as transit permit for containers with chemical products.  
Resolution status note: Following the recommendations of the 16th EAC Forum on NTBs, Tanzania removed the transit charges .  
NTB-000-648 5.3. Export taxes
2014-12-11 Uganda: Uganda Revenue Authority Rwanda Resolved
Complaint: Charge of "export tax" of 0.2 % of raw materials exported from Uganda by Rwanda Premier Tobacco Company Ltd  
Resolution status note: At the 16th EAC Forum on NTBs, Uganda undertook to study evidence provided by Rwanda and report back to the next meeting of the forum. UGANDA is adhering to EAC preferential treatment.  
NTB-000-647 8.7. Costly Road user charges /fees
2014-12-11 Tanzania: Tanzania National Park Rwanda Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania National Park charges Rwanda transporters transiting through the national park US$300 per truck as national park fees .  
Resolution status note: Tanzania National Park is no longer charging Rwanda transporters transiting through the national park US$300 per truck as national park fees  
NTB-000-645 1.1. Export subsidies 2015-01-23 Botswana: Ngoma Resolved
Complaint: I have a consignment of used vehicles imported from UK and the USA. They are being denied entry to Botswana on transit to Zimbabwe because they are not registered. Apparently Botswana does not allow unregistered vehicles to drive on their roads  
Resolution status note: The affected company reported that they managed to get assistance from the Namibia Customs officials who escorted the consignment back into Namibia then to the Zambia border. They used the Zambia route which is 400 kilometers longer. The company reported that the Department of Transport in Botswana informed them that there won't be a waiver for vehicles not registered in SADC or COMESA region. Only COMESA and SADC registered vehicles are allowed road transit in Botswana
However, tourism vehicles registered outside COMESA and SADC and vehicles destined for Botswana are allowed to be driven in Botswana.

FESARTA confirmed that, according to the regional policy, all vehicles not registered in COMESA or SADC would have to be loaded on other vehicles.
Products: 8704.22: Motor vehicles for the transport of goods, with compression-ignition internal combustion piston engine "diesel or semi-diesel engine" of a gross vehicle weight > 5 t but <= 20 t (excl. dumpers for off-highway use of subheading 8704.10 and special purpose  
NTB-000-644 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2014-11-16 Rwanda: Rwanda Customs Authority and also in Majerwa Egypt Resolved
Complaint: We are importing Wheat flour from Egypt from one of the Biggest Flour mill and factory in Egypt. We have original Certificate of Origin and Comesa certificate. But they do not accept and put us import Duty. Before it is 100% Duty free. But now since september they are not accepting it. Egypt is part of Comesa and Good produced in Egypt and 100% Duty free. So why is wheat flour not accepted. Please help  
Resolution status note: During the 5th meeting of COMESA NTBs Focal Points, the two parties reported that the certificate of origin was now being recognised and therefore the NTB had been resolved.  
Products: 1101: Wheat or meslin flour.  
NTB-000-643 2.6. Additional taxes and other charges 2014-12-09 Tanzania: Dar-es-Salaam Port Burundi Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania Ports Authority is charging all Transit containers located at at Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) a miscellaneous Port Charges. On 05 June 2014, a transporter from Burundi was charged US$90 being for miscellaneous port services for a 20ft container  
Resolution status note: At the 16th EAC regional forum on non tariff barriers held in Kigali in December 2014, Tanzania reported that the double handling charges were abolished. This NTB is therefore resolved.  
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