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6.2. Administrative fees  
TFDA (Tanzania Foods & Drugs Authority) imposes a 1.5% fees on FOB value on all imports (food, drugs & cosmetics). This is badly hurting local and regional trade as well as local manufacturers.  
Status note
The Extra Ordinary SCTIFI of August 2019 noted that since TFDA had been dissolved, there is no more fees paid to TFDA. Hence the NTB was resolved.  
Progress update note
Kenya reported that a verification was undertaken by URT on the food and safety laboratories in Kenya but did not address the issue of the levy. Tanzania reported during the Regional Forum that the issue will be resolved by December, 2018.The EAC Secretariat informed the meeting that the EASC has established a regional task force to address such issues. The meeting was informed that Tanzania planned a verification on Uganda laboratories but it has not been effected. Tanzania recommended the establishment of a Committee on Foods and Drugs in the Region. URT reported that the fee is not discriminatory and is charged to all including Tanzanians as per the TFDA law. The Meeting recommended that the Task Force established by the Standards Committee should analyse all the fees and charges applicable to food, drugs and cosmetics and make appropriate recommendations by March 2019.Kenya reported that this fee is discriminatory
During the Bilaterla meeting of April, 2019, both sides agreed to implement recommendations (a) to (d) as proposed in the next 100 days:a) Tanzania commits to recognize and make use Certificates of Analysis from KEBS during registration of food products from Kenya. Hence, Tanzania will not re-test products with a Certificate of Analysis within 100 days.b)That each country to continue charging their domestic fees until when the process of harmonization is completed. Immediate implementation.c) Kenya fast tracks the processes of establishing a Food and Drugs Agency and review of the Standards Act. Kenya committed to fasttrack the formation of a Food and Drugs Authority Within 6 to 12 months.d) Taking note of recommendation (b) Kenya submitted that the TFDA 1.5% FoB levy for import permit is contrary to the EAC CUP. Kenya to provide evidence.Tanzania submitted that, the 1.5% FoB is not a service fee but an import permit. However, the permit is not illegal.Kenya urges Tanzania to remove the 1.5% FoB immediatleyThe meeting called on the EAC Secretariat to facilitate the harmonization of food safety standards in the region.Harmonization of levies, fees and chargres. The PSs to take lead and report back  
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Tanzania: TFDA (Government institution)  
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food, cosmetics and drugs

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2017-07-28 00:00  
2019-10-04 16:05