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2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures  
We are experiencing delays by SARS customs who are taking time to inspect our container that is in transit. The delay is causing difficulties to meet the vessel to carry the shipment as it will be closing on Thursday 31st January at 06:00am and we are running out of time.  
Status note
This NTB was resolved too late and the consignment missed the vessel thereby adding to transport costs. Lesotho reported that:
1. The inspection took long resulting in the consignment missing the vessel in Durban Harbour; trader incurred additional costs by taking the consignment to Cape Town instead of Durban; and
2. the congsinor was charged provisional payments upon the release of the consignment.

Lesotho observed that SARS treatment of Lesotho transit goods compromises prospects of Lesotho's international trade opportunities as the country seeks to expand and diversify both products and markets to contribute to economic growth and poverty reductionNTB Focal Point in South Africa are requested to assist in clarifying the situation on inspection with SARS at Maseru Border Post to expedite the process.  
Progress update note
On 30th January 2019, at 16:08pm, Lesotho focal point reported that they were already working on the complaint with SARS through LRA Customs at Maseru Bridge. However, at 20.00hrs , the affected company were deeply concerned about the delay as the container had not been released by SARs inspection unit.

Lesotho focal point to advise n progress  
Policy or regulatory NTB
South Africa: Maseru Bridge (Border post)  
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Country specific trade issue
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All products

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15 051.00  
Date reported
2019-01-29 22:25  
2019-05-07 10:34