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Category 1. Government participation in trade & restrictive practices tolerated by governments
Category 2. Customs and administrative entry procedures
Category 5. Specific limitations
Category 6. Charges on imports
Category 7. Other procedural problems
Category 8. Transport, Clearing and Forwarding
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NTB-000-813 4. Sanitary & phyto-sanitary (SPS) measures
A1: Prohibitions/restrictions of imports for SPS reasons
2017-11-17 Uganda: Ministry responsible for Agriculture Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Ban on importation of poultry and poultry products.  
Resolution status note: During the 25th EAC Regional Forum on NTBs held from 9- 12 May 2018, Kenya and Rwanda reported that the ban on entry of poultry products from Uganda based on the ban from the Veternary and Health Regulatory Authorities had been lifted .  
NTB-000-814 1.7. Discriminatory or flawed government procurement policies 2017-11-17 Uganda: Ministry of Finance Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Discriminatory treatment (Excise duty) of Kenyan manufactured products among others Pharmaceutical products, Juice, cigarettes.  
Resolution status note: During the SCTIFI meeting held on 16 November 2018, Uganda reported that she has put in place administrative measures to accord non discriminatory treatment to Kenya products. The NTB is therefore resolved.  
NTB-000-815 2.2. Arbitrary customs classification 2017-11-17 Uganda: Uganda Revenue Authority Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Denial of market access and hiking & fixing of confectionary products values thus making Kenya products uncompetitive. Clients are scared of fixed uplifted value in September  
Resolution status note: On 7th October 2019, the EAC Secretariat reported that all issues of valuation were considered and resolved by the Customs Committee in May 2019  
NTB-000-816 1.1. Export subsidies 2018-03-01 Tanzania: Tanzania Revenue Authorities Kenya Resolved
Resolution status note: During the Regional Monitoring Committee held on 14th October, 2019 Tanzania has implemented the recommendations of the verification mission on confectionaries. Hence the NTB is resolved.  
NTB-000-821 6.5. Variable levies
2017-02-21 Zambia: Zambia Revenue Authority Kenya Resolved
Complaint: On 20th and 21st February 2017, Zimbabwean and Kenyan companies involved in distribution of tilapia into Zambia reported that the Government of Zambia had enacted the Customs and Excise Amendment Act number 47 of 2016 effective 1 January 2017.The amendment imposes a surtax of 5% on all imported goods that are produced or manufactured in Zambia. The surtax was meant to encourage local sourcing of inputs for the manufacturing sector in order to reduce the cost of production.  
Resolution status note: Zambia and Kenya held a bilateral meeting during the 5th TFTA focal points meeting held in Nairobi in August, 2019. Zambia informed Kenya that the measure is under review and has also affected domestic companies and therefore does not violate the national treatment principle. Thus it should not be reported as an NTB.  
NTB-000-829 2.4. Import licensing 2018-07-13 Zimbabwe: Ministry of Industry & Commerce and Enterprise Development Mauritius Resolved
Complaint: We, Soap & Allied Industries Ltd, Mauritius have shipped under the BL no. MEDUPL008430 & Comesa No.487/18 & BV CoC No.ZWE 2018 206608 / 0001 of 3 FCL of Detergent Powder since 19th June 2018 and reach on 13th July 2018, Our end consignee MEGA MARKET PVT LTD, Mutare, Zimbabwe has already apply for an Import permit month back which same use to be release within a week time.
Unfortunately they still awaiting for the permit for releasing of these FCL till now.
The Detention fee and storage charges incured are too much due to extended days and these will affect the selling cost for end customer as they are not able to clear out the goods.
Note: 3 more FCL of the same products already depart from Mauritius on 08th July 2018 and closed to reach.
We wish to have your attention on that issue and your kind consideration for the smooth doing business between both countries under the proper condition and trade agreement.
We request Zimbabwe to kindly consider on Urgent basis to assist our customer MEGA Market PVT Ltd to obtain the license so that the goods can be cleared.
Resolution status note: On 22 August 2019, Zimbabwe Focal Point reported that the import licence was issued therefore the NTB is resolved. During the national workshop to launch SMS tool, Zimbabwe reported that the issuance of licences took a maximum 24 hours . Delays are cause d by late or non submission of required documentation.  
Products: 3402.20: Surface-active preparations, washing preparations, auxiliary washing preparations and cleaning preparations put up for retail sale (excl. organic surface-active agents, soap and organic surface-active preparations in the form of bars, cakes, moulded piece  
NTB-000-831 3. Technical barriers to trade (TBT)
B82: Testing requirement
2018-08-07 Kenya: Mombasa sea port Mauritius Resolved
Complaint: Mauritius exports its Brown sugar produced locally to Kenya under EAS specifications which is an EAC standard.
However, we had an issue with one of our consignment with KEBS Samples ref dated 27 th July 2018.
Further to KEBS Laboratory Test Report, the content of Water Insoluble matter is 317 mg/Kg. It is our view that it is impossible to have such an amount in a sugar testing result. The maximum permissible Water Insoluble Matter allowed by KEBS is 250 mg/kg.
The same laboratory testing undertaken by the sugar mill in Mauritius has revealed a Water Insoluble Matter of a content of 33 mg/kg. As a result of this significant difference, the consignment has been blocked at customs in Mombasa since the 7th August 2018 date of Analysis started.
For transparency purposes, our company requests to understand what is the method being used to analyse the Brown Sugar.
Resolution status note: During the 4th Meeting of COMESA Sub Committee on Trade facilitation held in Nairobi on 17- 19 October 2019 , Kenya and Mauritius reported that the NTB had been resolved .  
Products: 1701.14: Raw cane sugar, in solid form, not containing added flavouring or colouring matter (excl. cane sugar of 1701 13)  
NTB-000-832 3. Technical barriers to trade (TBT)
B82: Testing requirement
2018-08-28 Kenya: Mombasa sea port Mauritius Resolved
Complaint: All consignments of Sugar are systematically being on hold at customs in Mombasa for analysis though prior to shipment in Mauritius, a Certificate of Analysis is being issued and verified by SGS Mauritius and a Certificate of Conformity is issued by SGS South Africa based on Certificate of Analysis.
Same SGS is a recognized International Standards Body mandated by KEBS, we would like to understand why the sugar are also being analysed before clearance in Mombasa?
Resolution status note: On 18th October 2019 , Mauritius reported that the Mauritian exporters reported that the consignments were released. We propose that this NTB be marked as resolved.  
Products: 1701.14: Raw cane sugar, in solid form, not containing added flavouring or colouring matter (excl. cane sugar of 1701 13)  
NTB-000-835 8.1. Government Policy and regulations
2018-01-19 Tanzania: Namanga Kenya Resolved
Complaint: KNCCI as a business membership organization, is in receipt of complaints that the chemical sector is being requested by the United Republic of Tanzania to:
1. Pay Tshs 90,000 equivalent to Kshs 4,500 annually for the Government Chemical Laboratory Transport Permit to allow them to transport their chemical products to their customers. The permit takes about 3 weeks for it to be approved
2. Register the companies in Tanzania and to use Tanzanian registered Vehicles instead of Kenyan registered vehicles to transport their products to the customers
The above is in addition to the import tax that the companies pay hence it is felt that these are additional costs being levied on the manufacturers/exporters
Resolution status note: anzania informed the Regional Monitoring Committee on 3rd May, 2019 that:
1. According to the EAC vehicle load Act 2016, the permit is mandatory and hence is not an NTB.
2. The permit is now issued immediatly and is online since 1st April, 2019;
3. Registration of the transporter is mandatory in Tanzania due to the sensitivity of the goods and public health. This is a regional and international requirement.
4. GCLA does not require other Partner States to use Tanzania registered vehicles when transporting chemicals into Tanzania. It is the Company that needs to be registered by GCLA.
The meeting agreed that all Partner States should sensitze their business community on the requirements for the transportation and handling of Chemicals in region in accordance with Regional and International Laws.
The NTB was resolved.
NTB-000-837 2.6. Additional taxes and other charges
2018-10-23 Kenya: Mombasa sea port Uganda Resolved
Complaint: Imposition of withholding tax of 20% on demurrage charges by Kenya.  
Resolution status note: NTB was resolved during the SCTIFI  
NTB-000-838 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-20 Uganda: Malaba Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: A to Z Textile Mills Ltd based in Arusha exported textile products to Uganda with EAC Certificate of Origin but URA did not offer the preferential tariff treatment and a 25% import duty was imposed on the products  
Resolution status note: URT informed the meeting that A to Z Textile Mills Ltd is not in the EPZ. Although the company was gazetted for duty remission they did not use it. Tanzania requested to de-gazette the Company from the duty remission scheme.

Uganda reported that once the company is de-gazzeted, she will provide the products that qualify preferencial treatment.

The meeting declaired the NTB resolved.
NTB-000-839 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-01-04 Uganda: Busia Kenya Resolved
Resolution status note: A verification was done and Uganda implemented the recommendations of the verification mission.  
NTB-000-840 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-06 Tanzania: Namanga Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania not granting preferential tariff treatment and non-recognition of EAC Certificate of Origin issued by KRA to leaf springs.  
Resolution status note: Kenya reported during the 25th EAC Regional Forum on NTBs that it was Resolved  
NTB-000-841 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-06 Uganda: Malaba EAC Resolved
Complaint: Uganda does not recognize the calibration certificate issued by Weight and Measures Agency (WMA) for oil tanks from URT  
Resolution status note: Tanzania reported during the 25th EAC Regional Forum on NTBs that it was Resolved  
NTB-000-842 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-10-01 Uganda: Border Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Steel products transferred to Burundi from Uganda and Kenya.
Burundi does not offer preferential tariff treatment to metal products transferred from Uganda and Kenya.
Resolution status note: The NTB was resolved  
NTB-000-843 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-12 Kenya: Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: KRA does not give preferential treatment for Azam energy drink exported by bakressa company and has uplifted invoice from USD 3.97 to 5.04 for Azam drink juice products. KRA has uplifted the invoice per carton of Azam drink juice products of Azam Bakhresa Group. KRA restricted 2 trucks that carried 50 tons of Azam Energy Drink to enter Kenya from Tanzania. KRA restricted the trucks until they paid extra tax for each carton from USD 3.97 to USD 5.04. The uplifting of the invoice value happened after the customer had already paid all taxes for KRA by using value of USD 3.97.  
Resolution status note: During the Meeting, URT reported that this NTB was not resolved.  
NTB-000-844 Insurance 2018-09-28 Uganda: Police Burundi Resolved
Complaint: Non-recognition of the COMESA Insurance by Uganda in case of accident.  
Resolution status note: Uganda reported that under the Law, in case of a fatal accident, the drivers are supposed to be taken to court unless you opt to resolve it. The meeting agreed that this NTB has been resolved.  
NTB-000-845 8.4. Transport related corruption 2018-09-03 Tanzania: Rusumo Rwanda Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania has introduced an escort fee imposed by TRA from Dar Es Salaam to Rusumo.  
Resolution status note: Tanzania reported that this NTB was resolved through administrative procedures.  
NTB-000-846 7.5. Lengthy procedures 2018-09-06 Tanzania: Namanga Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania registers Kenya Trucks carrying transit goods.  
Resolution status note: Tanzania informed the meeting that it is not a new registration but recording them in the system for the purpose of the SCT. This is done annually and is free. URT informed the Meeting that this is declaration and recording of trucks but not registration.
The NTB was resolved
NTB-000-847 7.5. Lengthy procedures 2018-09-28 Tanzania: Isebania Burundi Resolved
Complaint: TRA is requiring escort for wines, spirits, and Palm oil destined to Burundi. This decision was not communicated to Burundi and Importers are expected to pay TZS 1,500,000 for this.  
Resolution status note: TRA reported that escorts have been discontinued.

NTB resolved
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