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8.1. Government Policy and regulations  
KNCCI as a business membership organization, is in receipt of complaints that the chemical sector is being requested by the United Republic of Tanzania to:
1. Pay Tshs 90,000 equivalent to Kshs 4,500 annually for the Government Chemical Laboratory Transport Permit to allow them to transport their chemical products to their customers. The permit takes about 3 weeks for it to be approved
2. Register the companies in Tanzania and to use Tanzanian registered Vehicles instead of Kenyan registered vehicles to transport their products to the customers
The above is in addition to the import tax that the companies pay hence it is felt that these are additional costs being levied on the manufacturers/exporters  
Status note
anzania informed the Regional Monitoring Committee on 3rd May, 2019 that:
1. According to the EAC vehicle load Act 2016, the permit is mandatory and hence is not an NTB.
2. The permit is now issued immediatly and is online since 1st April, 2019;
3. Registration of the transporter is mandatory in Tanzania due to the sensitivity of the goods and public health. This is a regional and international requirement.
4. GCLA does not require other Partner States to use Tanzania registered vehicles when transporting chemicals into Tanzania. It is the Company that needs to be registered by GCLA.
The meeting agreed that all Partner States should sensitze their business community on the requirements for the transportation and handling of Chemicals in region in accordance with Regional and International Laws.
The NTB was resolved.  
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Tanzania: Namanga (Border post)  
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2018-09-19 13:37  
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