Complaint number
NTB Type
3. Technical barriers to trade (TBT)  
NTM Code
B82: Testing requirement 
Mauritius exports its Brown sugar produced locally to Kenya under EAS specifications which is an EAC standard.
However, we had an issue with one of our consignment with KEBS Samples ref dated 27 th July 2018.
Further to KEBS Laboratory Test Report, the content of Water Insoluble matter is 317 mg/Kg. It is our view that it is impossible to have such an amount in a sugar testing result. The maximum permissible Water Insoluble Matter allowed by KEBS is 250 mg/kg.
The same laboratory testing undertaken by the sugar mill in Mauritius has revealed a Water Insoluble Matter of a content of 33 mg/kg. As a result of this significant difference, the consignment has been blocked at customs in Mombasa since the 7th August 2018 date of Analysis started.
For transparency purposes, our company requests to understand what is the method being used to analyse the Brown Sugar.  
Status note
During the 4th Meeting of COMESA Sub Committee on Trade facilitation held in Nairobi on 17- 19 October 2019 , Kenya and Mauritius reported that the NTB had been resolved .  
Progress update note
Kenya and Mauritius held bilateral consultations during the meeting of NTBs focal Points held in Nairobi on 19- 21 August during which Kenya undertook to review the matter and provide feedback in two weeks from that date . Mauritius undertook to provide a status report that would assist Kenya to make the investigations.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Kenya: Mombasa sea port (Seaport)  
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Date reported
2018-08-28 09:10  
2019-10-18 14:31