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2.4. Import licensing  
We, Soap & Allied Industries Ltd, Mauritius have shipped under the BL no. MEDUPL008430 & Comesa No.487/18 & BV CoC No.ZWE 2018 206608 / 0001 of 3 FCL of Detergent Powder since 19th June 2018 and reach on 13th July 2018, Our end consignee MEGA MARKET PVT LTD, Mutare, Zimbabwe has already apply for an Import permit month back which same use to be release within a week time.
Unfortunately they still awaiting for the permit for releasing of these FCL till now.
The Detention fee and storage charges incured are too much due to extended days and these will affect the selling cost for end customer as they are not able to clear out the goods.
Note: 3 more FCL of the same products already depart from Mauritius on 08th July 2018 and closed to reach.
We wish to have your attention on that issue and your kind consideration for the smooth doing business between both countries under the proper condition and trade agreement.
We request Zimbabwe to kindly consider on Urgent basis to assist our customer MEGA Market PVT Ltd to obtain the license so that the goods can be cleared.  
Status note
On 22 August 2019, Zimbabwe Focal Point reported that the import licence was issued therefore the NTB is resolved. During the national workshop to launch SMS tool, Zimbabwe reported that the issuance of licences took a maximum 24 hours . Delays are cause d by late or non submission of required documentation.  
Progress update note
During the meeting of NTBs Focal Points held on 19- 21 August 2019, Mauritius and Zimbabwe agreed to continue bilateral engagements. Zimbabwe is requested to make follow up with relevant authorities and provide update on the matter during the month of August 2019.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Zimbabwe: Ministry of Industry & Commerce and Enterprise Development (Government institution)  
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2018-07-20 14:10  
2019-10-15 19:31