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Category 1. Government participation in trade & restrictive practices tolerated by governments
Category 2. Customs and administrative entry procedures
Category 5. Specific limitations
Category 6. Charges on imports
Category 7. Other procedural problems
Category 8. Transport, Clearing and Forwarding
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NTB-000-324 7.9. Inadequate trade related infrastructure 2009-09-09 SADC Seychelles In process View
Complaint: Some businesses complained that SADC ports are unable to handle containers that exceed 6 metres (20 ft), which limits exporters in implementing the most cost-effective way of transporting their products  
Progress: 1. During the 15th meeting of the SADC Sub - Committee on Trade Facilitation held in May 2017, the Secretariat reported that the Issue had been referred to Directorate of Infrastructure & S for consideration because it is outside the scope of trade.
2. The SADC meeting of NTB-Market Access Task Force held 18-20 March 2020 at SADC HQ Offices, Gaborone observed that the SADC Secretariat has no Senior Programme Officer for Transport nor a Ports Programme Officer to work with the SADC coastal countries to ensure they have facilities to handle 12 foot containers at their ports.
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