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NTB-000-894 3. Technical barriers to trade (TBT)
B9: TBT Measures n.e.s.
2019-05-14 South Africa: Maseru Bridge Lesotho Resolved
Complaint: SARS inspection process takes too long thereby delaying transit of goods destined for the Port. TZICC Clothing Manufacture, requesting SARS to expedite clearance of their declaration which was done last May 14, 2019. The container has not been cleared as at Wednesday 22 May 2019 our Container has not been release yet. The Export Container is going to United States of America and there is a schedule that the company need to meet specially the vessel Stack Dates in Durban. Case # 313253631 was pending since Wednesday and it took so long for SARS to answer or response on the query. 1st we do the VOC 2nd they ask for the Sales Contract 3rd they ask for the Provisional Payment amounting R28866.87 which was already done paying Friday 17 May 2019, everything was uploaded on Friday but SARS has not responded as on 22 May 2019. TZICC are not in a position to know what is going on as SARS are not answering on the system.

This container will cost a lot if the consignment misses the vessel again in Capetown just because of SARS Customs.
Resolution status note: On 22 May 2019, South Africa Focal Point reported that discrepancies that were picked up which resulted in the delay of the declared consignment were rectified. The case has been finalised and released.  
NTB-000-878 2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures 2019-01-29 South Africa: Maseru Bridge Lesotho Resolved
Complaint: We are experiencing delays by SARS customs who are taking time to inspect our container that is in transit. The delay is causing difficulties to meet the vessel to carry the shipment as it will be closing on Thursday 31st January at 06:00am and we are running out of time.  
Resolution status note: This NTB was resolved too late and the consignment missed the vessel thereby adding to transport costs. Lesotho reported that:
1. The inspection took long resulting in the consignment missing the vessel in Durban Harbour; trader incurred additional costs by taking the consignment to Cape Town instead of Durban; and
2. the congsinor was charged provisional payments upon the release of the consignment.

Lesotho observed that SARS treatment of Lesotho transit goods compromises prospects of Lesotho's international trade opportunities as the country seeks to expand and diversify both products and markets to contribute to economic growth and poverty reductionNTB Focal Point in South Africa are requested to assist in clarifying the situation on inspection with SARS at Maseru Border Post to expedite the process.
NTB-000-883 2.6. Additional taxes and other charges
2018-12-17 Kenya: KRA Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: Introduction of Tax Stamp/Printed Codes:
Under the Kenya Excise Act of 2015, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) introduced either tax stamp or printed codes on beer and KEG manufactured or imported into Kenya with effect from 1st February 2016 at the cost of KShs. 1.50 per stamp with a manual application which raises the cost to USD 5.5/hl.
Resolution status note: During the Bilateral Meeting between Tanzania and Kenya held on 23rd - 27th April, 2019 in Arusha, Tanzania.Kenya reported that this is a domestic function under the Domestic laws and falls under the Domestic Tax Harmonization.
Tanzania requested Kenya to consider lowering the charges and the fees should be issued electronically. Kenya recommended to wait for domestic harmonization process to be completed.
Recommendation: Both Parties agreed to handle the matter under domestic tax harmonization ad therefore matter is resolved.
NTB-000-882 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-12-17 Kenya: Namanga Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: Denial of preferntial treatment for products produced by Tanzania Breweries (TBL) Ltd.
Kenya is insisting that Tanzania produced Beer (Redds and Castle Lite) are manufactured in South Africa.
Resolution status note: During the Bilateral Meeting held on 23- 27 April, both parties agreed to undertake verification of the plants. Meanwhile, Kenya will accord preferential treatment to Tanzania beer .  
NTB-000-890 Holding of consignment without any reasons 2018-11-19 Kenya: Moi International airport Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: A Tanzania trader (02 Export Gem Company Limited of Arusha, Tanzania) had exported a consignment of minerals to Kenya. However, the business deal was not sealed and hence the consignment was directed to be taken back to the Country of Origin (Tanzania). All documentation regarding the return of the consgnemnt were processed between TRA and KRA and were concluded. But KRA could not realease the consignment to the Tanzania Trader. Despite all efforts made physically, on phone and in writting, KRA has held the consignment since November, 2018 to date. The company has incured losses in following up on the consignment including among others Hotel bills, escort fees, transfer car fees, storage fees, fees related to documentation processing.

KRA is required to release the consignment to the trader and re-emburse all the costs related to the delay in releasing the consignment.
Resolution status note: This matter was therefore resolved at the Bilateral meeting held on 22-23 April 2019 between Kenya and Tanzania . Kenya committed to deliver the minerals to the trader on 27th April, 2019 at Taveta border Post  
NTB-000-837 2.6. Additional taxes and other charges
2018-10-23 Kenya: Mombasa sea port Uganda Resolved
Complaint: Imposition of withholding tax of 20% on demurrage charges by Kenya.  
Resolution status note: NTB was resolved during the SCTIFI  
NTB-000-842 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-10-01 Uganda: Border Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Steel products transferred to Burundi from Uganda and Kenya.
Burundi does not offer preferential tariff treatment to metal products transferred from Uganda and Kenya.
Resolution status note: The NTB was resolved  
NTB-000-844 Insurance 2018-09-28 Uganda: Police Burundi Resolved
Complaint: Non-recognition of the COMESA Insurance by Uganda in case of accident.  
Resolution status note: Uganda reported that under the Law, in case of a fatal accident, the drivers are supposed to be taken to court unless you opt to resolve it. The meeting agreed that this NTB has been resolved.  
NTB-000-847 7.5. Lengthy procedures 2018-09-28 Tanzania: Isebania EAC Resolved
Complaint: TRA is requiring escort for wines, spirits, and Palm oil destined to Burundi. This decision was not communicated to Burundi and Importers are expected to pay TZS 1,500,000 for this.  
Resolution status note: TRA reported that escorts have been discontinued.

NTB resolved
NTB-000-838 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-20 Uganda: Malaba Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: A to Z Textile Mills Ltd based in Arusha exported textile products to Uganda with EAC Certificate of Origin but URA did not offer the preferential tariff treatment and a 25% import duty was imposed on the products  
Resolution status note: URT informed the meeting that A to Z Textile Mills Ltd is not in the EPZ. Although the company was gazetted for duty remission they did not use it. Tanzania requested to de-gazette the Company from the duty remission scheme.

Uganda reported that once the company is de-gazzeted, she will provide the products that qualify preferencial treatment.

The meeting declaired the NTB resolved.
NTB-000-858 7.5. Lengthy procedures 2018-09-19 Uganda Resolved
Complaint: Denial, Delays and Mis-handling of Uganda beverages especially soft drinks and Bella wines entering Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda markets. Customs Officials usually delay clearing of Uganda soft drinks and Bella wines manufactured in Uganda entering Burundi and Rwanda without any justification thus causing damages and losses.  
Resolution status note: During the 27th NTBs Forum held from26th April - 4th May 2019 Rwanda and Uganda reported that this problem has been resolved  
NTB-000-856 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-18 Tanzania: TRA Uganda Resolved
Complaint: Denial of market access to sunflower oil.  
Resolution status note: During the 27th Regional Monitoring Uganda reported that Tanzania accorded Uganda sunfower originating status therefore this NTB had been resolved.  
NTB-000-843 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-12 Kenya: Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: KRA does not give preferential treatment for Azam energy drink exported by bakressa company and has uplifted invoice from USD 3.97 to 5.04 for Azam drink juice products. KRA has uplifted the invoice per carton of Azam drink juice products of Azam Bakhresa Group. KRA restricted 2 trucks that carried 50 tons of Azam Energy Drink to enter Kenya from Tanzania. KRA restricted the trucks until they paid extra tax for each carton from USD 3.97 to USD 5.04. The uplifting of the invoice value happened after the customer had already paid all taxes for KRA by using value of USD 3.97.  
Resolution status note: During the Meeting, URT reported that this NTB was not resolved.  
NTB-000-849 1.14. Lack of coordination between government institutions 2018-09-12 Uganda: Kampala Rwanda Resolved
Complaint: Two Trucks on Transit from Rwanda to Mombasa carrying minerals for export are impounded by Uganda Mineral Protection Police Unit.  
Resolution status note: Uganda confirmed to have received evidence of this NTB from Rwanda. The Trucks that were being held had no customs issue as they had fulfilled all transit requirements. The Uganda Mineral Protection Police Unit had held the trucks claiming the transit documents were forged however, customs was consulted and proved that the documents were genuine.

The SCTIFI meeting held in November, 2018 was informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Uganda convened a meeting and resolved that matter.

The matter was resolved.
NTB-000-841 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-06 Uganda: Malaba EAC Resolved
Complaint: Uganda does not recognize the calibration certificate issued by Weight and Measures Agency (WMA) for oil tanks from URT  
Resolution status note: Tanzania reported during the 25th EAC Regional Forum on NTBs that it was Resolved  
NTB-000-840 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2018-09-06 Tanzania: Namanga Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania not granting preferential tariff treatment and non-recognition of EAC Certificate of Origin issued by KRA to leaf springs.  
Resolution status note: Kenya reported during the 25th EAC Regional Forum on NTBs that it was Resolved  
NTB-000-846 7.5. Lengthy procedures 2018-09-06 Tanzania: Namanga Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania registers Kenya Trucks carrying transit goods.  
Resolution status note: Tanzania informed the meeting that it is not a new registration but recording them in the system for the purpose of the SCT. This is done annually and is free. URT informed the Meeting that this is declaration and recording of trucks but not registration.
The NTB was resolved
NTB-000-845 8.4. Transport related corruption 2018-09-03 Tanzania: Rusumo Rwanda Resolved
Complaint: Tanzania has introduced an escort fee imposed by TRA from Dar Es Salaam to Rusumo.  
Resolution status note: Tanzania reported that this NTB was resolved through administrative procedures.  
NTB-000-850 8.2. Administrative (Border Operating Hours, delays at border posts, etc.) 2018-09-01 Kenya: Namanga Tanzania Resolved
Complaint: KRA has issued a public notice which introduced Single Custom entry clearance that increases cost of doing business for example to clear 100 trucks using bulk system was costing Kshs 150,600, however, using the current system of single customs entry one truck cost Kshs8,500/-. If you have to clear 100 trucks it will cost Kshs 850,000/-  
Resolution status note: The NTB was discussed in the CoC and agreed that the SCT TWG should analyse the risks of making one bulk declaration and cost implications of multiple declarations. The TWG should work out a mechanism for knocking off cargo.

The Secretariat informed the meeting that the TWG on SCT will develop a framework to knock off cargo in the customs clearance system from 11th-15th Dec 2018.

The matter is to be resolved by the CoC.
NTB-000-848 1.8. Import bans 2018-08-09 Uganda: Ministry Kenya Resolved
Complaint: Uganda’s limitation on importation of processed meat products from within the region. It also addressed it as a measure to promote local capacity in Uganda to produce such processed meats rather than importing meat and meat products from the Partner States.  
Resolution status note: Uganda informed the meeting that the letter was meant for internal traders who were sourcing for processed meat from outside the EAC and was not meant for traders within the EAC Partner States.

So the Meeting agreed that this NTB is resolved.
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