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Category 1. Government participation in trade & restrictive practices tolerated by governments
Category 2. Customs and administrative entry procedures
Category 5. Specific limitations
Category 6. Charges on imports
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Category 8. Transport, Clearing and Forwarding
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NTB-001-150 1.9. Determination of eligibility of an exporting country by the importing country 2023-11-12 Lesotho: DURBAN PORT South Africa New View
NTB-001-148 1.9. Determination of eligibility of an exporting country by the importing country 2023-11-23 South Africa: Durban sea Port Lesotho In process View
Complaint: Pls kindly see below containers that are to be stopped by SARS.
1. MSKU0755208(Case No.: 480816390), vessel will berth on 27/11
2. MRKU3124436(Case No.: 480819630), vessel will berth on 27/11
3. NYKU4442550(Case No.: 480020360), vessel will berth on 3/12
4. BSIU9818016 (Case No.: 480069900),vessel will berth on 3/12

As you know all vessels delayed so long more than 1 month. Our productions are waiting for the materials. We urgently need all the materials for the garments of export. Pls urgently help to release all these containers.
Highly appreciated
Progress: 1. On 29th November 2023, South Africa Focal Point reported that the NTB is still been considered by SARS office. SARS will provide feedback when the investigation is completed.  
Products: 6003.30: Knitted or crocheted fabrics of synthetic fibres, of a width of <= 30 cm (excl. those containing by weight >= 5% of elastomeric yarn or rubber thread, and pile fabrics, incl. "long pile", looped pile fabrics, labels, badges and similar articles, knitted  
NTB-001-153 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin 2024-01-26 Zambia: ZAMBIA REVENUE AUTHORITY Tanzania New View
Complaint: The ZB Card company shipped a shipment to Zambia at the end of January which is subject to the original SADC laws. When you arrived at ZRA, they refused to allow it, claiming that the HS Code is incorrect, so they ordered ZB Card to change it. ZB Card did that but ZRA has rejected the CoO claiming that it is not authentic. We have contacted TCCIA so that they can confirm its authenticity and TCCIA has done so but since 10/02/2024 there has been no success  
NTB-001-152 8.8. Issues related to transit 2024-02-07 Tanzania: Dar-es-Salaam Port Zambia New View
Complaint: All the Private Inland Container Depot Operators at Dar Port are refusing to discharge the vessel Ladonna MV for onward delivery of shipment to Zambia and DRC. Private Inland Container Depot Operators that were willing to discharge the vessel have been threatened by trading competitors to the current vessel owner/trader who is a new entrant in the regional market with total loss of current business if they discharged this vessel Dar Port. This is a clear violation of the WTO-TFA (World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement), AU (African Union), Comesa/SADC Regional protocols and agreements as well as individual Bi-lateral agreements relating to Trade Facilitation. Zambia has worked hard to secure this business to supply chemicals to the World Largest Copper Producer DRC in order to boost regional exports and promote continental economic growth. However, the private sector in Tanzania are now blocking these efforts despite the government working so hard to restore Dar Ports Image as the preferred port of choice on the Eastern Coast of Africa. These actions have potential to make serious negative impact to all 3 countries Tanzania, Zambia & DRC and overall the African Continent and therefore should be addressed to minimize the high costs of doing business.  
Products: 2503: Sulphur of all kinds, other than sublimed sulphur, precipitated sulphur and colloidal sulphur.  
NTB-001-156 8.7. Costly Road user charges /fees 2024-03-09 Rwanda: Rusumo Tanzania New View
Complaint: Republic of Rwanda is charging USD 270 from Rusumo border to Kigali which is equivalent to USD 80.83 per 100KM, while Tanzania is charging USD 10 per 100KM.This is against the agreed principle of distance x weight for transit vehicle.  
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