Non-Tariff Measure

NTM classification
A14: Authorization requirement for sanitary and phytosanitary reasons for importing certain products 
Date when the measure came into force
01 January 2000 
Publication where the measure is specified
Government Notice 173 of 1999 
Regulation where the measure is specified
Food Regulations 1999 
Country/Region applying the measure
The rationale of the measure
No specific objective stated 
Coded list of objectives
X: For purposes n.e.s. 
Description of the measure
173(1) No person shall import, manufacture, process, pack, store, offer for sale or sell
any special purpose food without the written approval of the Permanent Secretary. 
Reference of the measure
Sub-article 173(1) 
Measure also domestic

Products affected by the measure.

Code Product Partial coverage Partial coverage indication Date in Date out
PG: 7 Food products Yes Special purpose food    
(a) infant formula;
(b) canned food for an infant or a child;
(c) cereal-based food for an infant or a child;
(d) low energy food;
(e) formula dietary food; 

Countries/Regions affected by the measure.

Inclusion/Exclusion Country Date in Date out
Inclusion Entire world    
Entire world