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NTB-000-727 4. Sanitary & phyto-sanitary (SPS) measures
A53: Fumigation
2016-12-01 Botswana: Kazungula Ferry Zambia Resolved
Complaint: Botswana border officials demand fumigation certificate for molasses. To my knowledge, foodstuffs like molasses cannot be fumigated and on the Botswana import permits (plant protection), this is not among the requirements. This leads to delays, additional costs (e.g demurrage), possible loss of business and risk of product going bad.  
Resolution status note: During the the 15th meeting of the SADC Sub Committee on Trade Facilitation held on 17- 18 May 2017, Botswana reported that Sanitary import permit is required only for molasses meal. No Sanitary or Phytosanitary import permit is required for liquid molasses and molasses powder and therefore no fumigation certificate is needed for molasses. According to the conditions set as per the Sanitary import permit, imported molasses has to be free of protein of animal origin and not contain any prohibited substances such as growth hormones. Officials from Botswana and Zambia have had a bilateral meeting and the issue has been addressed.  
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