Non-Tariff Measure

NTM classification
P9: Export measures n.e.s. 
Date when the measure came into force
04 December 2015 
Publication where the measure is specified
Regulation where the measure is specified
Forests (Export of Title Timber) Regulations, 2015.( SI 94 of 2015) 
Country/Region applying the measure
Coded list of objectives
E: Protection of the environment 
Description of the measure
15. An exporter shall not export timber unless that exporter has received a confirmed order for the export of the timber specifying the desired timber and the quantity required.
15 (2) The exporter shall issue to the buyer a quotation stating­
(a) the price·, either free on board, or cost insurance and freight, of the timber;
(b) the quantity of the timber; and
(c) the quality of the timber.
15 (4) The exporter shall issue a proforma invoice, when the buyer accepts the quotation, stating the-
(a) timber specification;
(b) quantity of the timber;
(c) price of the timber;
(d) delivered term of the timber;
(e) receiving bank; and
(I) validity of the offer 
Reference of the measure
Regulations 15 ( 1, 2, 4) 
Measure also domestic

Products affected by the measure.


Countries/Regions affected by the measure.

Inclusion/Exclusion Country Date in Date out
Inclusion Entire world