Non-Tariff Measure

NTM classification
A11: Prohibitions for sanitary and phytosanitary reasons 
Date when the measure came into force
18 April 2011 
Publication where the measure is specified
Fisheries Act, 2011 
Regulation where the measure is specified
Fisheries Act,2011 
Country/Region applying the measure
Coded list of objectives
A: Protection of human life and health 
Description of the measure
20. Where at any place within or outside Zambia there exists, or is suspected to exist, any disease which is likely to affect fish in Zambia, the Minister or Director may make such order as the Minister or Director considers necessary for all or any of the following purposes:
(a) to prohibit or prevent the introduction of the disease from such place into Zambia or any part of Zambia;
(b) to prohibit or regulate the entry and movement of any fish, fish product or conveyance within or out of any part of Zambia named in the order; 
Reference of the measure
PART III: Section 20 a; b 
Measure also domestic

Products affected by the measure.

Fish products 

Countries/Regions affected by the measure.

Inclusion/Exclusion Country Date in Date out
Inclusion Entire world