Non-Tariff Measure

NTM classification
P9: Export measures n.e.s. 
Date when the measure came into force
01 January 2003 
Publication where the measure is specified
Regulation where the measure is specified
Country/Region applying the measure
Coded list of objectives
X: For purposes n.e.s. 
Description of the measure
Prohibition of multiple licences
42. (1) The Board shall not, at one particular time, issue more than one licence to the same person, out of the following licences: (i) private coffee buying licence, (ii) coffee curing licence, and (iii) green coffee export licence.
(2) Notwithstanding provisions of sub-regulation (1) the Board may, when it deems so necessary, issue to a person a coffee buying licence and a coffee curing licence at the same time.
(3) For the purposes of this Regulation, the words “same person” shall mean persons or companies, which operate under the same management or control.
51. (1) Before coffee is exported, the exporter shall fill export approval forms, which shall be issued by the Board or its agent.
(2) For the purposes of this regulation, the exporter may choose any of the following terms of export:-
(a)FOT/FOR processing factory;
(b)FOB, Tanga and Dar es Salaam ports; or;
(c)any other terms which the Board may approve.

Books and records
69. (1) Every person registered by the Board under these Regulations to buy, process, or export coffee, shall keep on the business premises—
(a)In the case of a buyer and processor; proper and accurate records of the amount of coffee bought or processed by him for every month, within a coffee season.
(b)In the case of the exporter; proper and accurate records of the amount of coffee bought and exported, within each month of the coffee season; and
(c)A copy of a licence issued to him, by the Board.
(2) All ex-auction warehouses owners shall keep records of all coffee received and stored before auction and records of all coffee cleared for export.
Processors and Exporters to fill Return Forms
70. Every processor and every exporter shall, for each calendar month during Which he is registered, file with the Board returns of the quantity and grades of coffee processed or exported by him during that period, in accordance with Form No. TCB/RT/001 set out in the First Schedule. 
Reference of the measure
Part VI para 42, part VII para 51 part X para 69 & 70 
Measure also domestic

Products affected by the measure.

Code Product Partial coverage Partial coverage indication Date in Date out
0901 Coffee, whether or not roasted or decaffeinated; coffee husks and skins; coffee substitutes containing coffee in any proportion. Yes Coffee    

Countries/Regions affected by the measure.