Non-Tariff Measure

NTM classification
A14: Authorization requirement for sanitary and phytosanitary reasons for importing certain products 
Date when the measure came into force
01 November 2009 
Publication where the measure is specified
Decreto n.° 5/2009, de 1 de Julho 
Regulation where the measure is specified
Phytosanitary Inspection and Plant Quarantine Regulation 
Country/Region applying the measure
The rationale of the measure
Article 3
The main objectives of the regulation are:
(A) prevent the introduction and spread/dissemination of harmful organisms, especially articles of quarantine;
(B) Control pests throughout the country, in order to avoid its dissemination, and in this case to achieve its eradication;
(C) Ensure the inspection and certification of plant products for import and export. 
Coded list of objectives
C: Protection of life and health of plants 
Description of the measure
Article 12
1. The importation of products subject to control is subject to the prior obtaining of an import authorization issued by the ANF and its original Phytosanitary Certificate, including the additional declaration when required, except in cases to be defined by the Minister who supervises agriculture.
2. Imports of products subject to controls not specified in Annex 1 to this Regulation shall be subject to the prior obtaining of an import authorization granted by the ANF which is issued following a pest risk analysis.
4. The original Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the Phytosanitary Authority of the exporting country must be completed in accordance with the requirements of the Import License.
5. The Phytosanitary Certificate of the exporting country is valid for 14 days - from the date of its issuance, except in cases where the goods come by sea, in which case the validity will be extended up to 30 days.
6. The customs clearance of products subject to control by the Tax Authority of Mozambique shall be preceded by the prior inspection and opinion of the Plant Inspector.
Article 13
1. The Phytosanitary Import License, the model of which appears in Annex 4, is issued at the request of the interested party, who must complete and submit to ANF the form in Annex 3.
2. The License issued by the ANF is valid for 1 80 days. In the case of partial imports, each lot must be accompanied by the relevant phytosanitary certificate
3. Importation of crops and living organisms at any stage of their development for scientific or research purposes shall be subject to the obtaining of a Phytosanitary Import License.
4. The issue of the Phytosanitary License for the import of seeds is subject to prior authorization from the Seeds Department of the Ministry that oversees agriculture. 
Reference of the measure
Articles 12(1)(2)(4)(5)(6) and 13 
Measure also domestic
ANF: National Phytosanitary Authority 

Products affected by the measure.


Countries/Regions affected by the measure.