Non-Tariff Measure

NTM classification
A14: Authorization requirement for sanitary and phytosanitary reasons for importing certain products 
Date when the measure came into force
17 August 2009 
Publication where the measure is specified
Decreto n.° 26/2009, de 17 de Agosto 
Regulation where the measure is specified
Regulation on Animal Health 
Country/Region applying the measure
The rationale of the measure
a) Protect public health
b) Protect the domestic and export animal markets, animal products and others who may be affected directly or indirectly by animal diseases
c) Act as a framework to carry out epidemiological surveillance, eradication and control of major diseases which can impact the economy and public health
d) Form the basis for compensation for losses caused by animal disease
e) Form the basis for compliance with the animal welfare conditions 
Coded list of objectives
A: Protection of human life and health and B: Protection of life and health of animals 
Description of the measure
Article 9(1): It is not allowed entrance, transit or circulation in the country, of animals, their products, by-products, spoils, fodder and organic products, without be accompanied by his import and/or transit license and health certificate issued by the Veterinary Authority at the request of the interested
Article 21(1): It is not allowed entrance into the country of any animal, its products, by-products, spoils, fodder and organic products, without be accompanied by the import license issued by the Veterinary Authority and by an international health certificate
Article 29: The importation of organic products, pathogens and pathological material agents, animal product or animal by-product or other organism that carries pathogen requires special authorization, in accordance with the standards specified in the relevant import license
Article 104(1): The import, registration, preparation and sale of medicines, biological and chemical products for animals, are subject to licensing or prior technical opinion of the Veterinary Authority 
Reference of the measure
Articles 9(1), 21(1), 29 and 104(1) 
Measure also domestic
Registration of acaricicides and carracicidas drugs 

Products affected by the measure.

Medicine for animals
Biological products for animals
Chemical products for animals 

Countries/Regions affected by the measure.