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8.8. Issues related to transit  
I was about to clear my stuff by the Border at Komatiport or Lebombo border post when the Police man of Mozambique by the name of Maphosa asked me to check my truck then asked for papers for the vehicle, my license, car insurance and important documents on my file, I gave him everything he wanted. He said I should clear my stuff and come back to him.
I went for clearing but then I was asked to bring truck papers and license, at that time Maphosa was no where to be found, I asked some police men about him but they said he is in Maputo and I have to go back to Maputo to fetch my things at the police station but never mentioning which police station should I go to, I had to leave all my goods at alfandegars storeroom which is renting even now.
I drove back to Lesotho without my license and some documents and luggages because the clearing could not be completed since the truck papers and my license were not available due to that Police officer.  
Progress update note
On 18 June 2024, Mozambique Focal Point reported that they had conducted a thorough investigation and provided following updates:
The police officer involved in the incident, was located and as a result of official inquiries, they successfully retrieved the driver's license, which was available for collection any time upon arrangement with Mozambican focal Point.Furthermore, there is an ongoing process to hold Officer Maphosa accountable for his actions, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Following an inquiry by the Traffic Police Department of the PRM in collaboration with Customs at Ressano Garcia, it has been determined that the seizure of your goods was not related to the absence of a driver's license. The actual cause of the seizure was the lack of authorization from the Regional Director of Customs for exportation, absence of a customs broker, and missing invoice for the goods.  
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Mozambique: (Border post)  
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Country specific trade issue
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In process  
Product Description
Bales of second hand clothes

Total value
R16 000.00  
Date reported
2024-05-13 22:42  
2024-07-04 11:52