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2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures  
Our Company , Blackwood Hodge Zimbabwe , (PVT. LTD) have been importing Vehicles using Maputo Port and never had challenges with customs since all paper work and documentation is always in order .We are the official distributors of Tata Motors commercial Vehicles here in Zimbabwe. We are a registered company here in Zimbabwe since 2007 and Trading as Blackwood Hodge Zimbabwe limited.
As per our supplier Invoice number 750966093 and BL number MOLU18005431182 DT. 30.09.2023 for one Unit LP 909 40-Seater Bus with Chassis number MAT382042P8R10426 was dispatched from Mumbai port, India via Vessel Eternal Ace to Maputo Port. The Vessel was docked on date- and all the Relevant procedures were done by our representative Payflex Trading Lda RUA ROMAO FERNANDES FARINHA NO:75 1ST FLOOR SUITE NR. 8ALTO MAE B. MAPUTO MOZAMBIQUE NUIT: 400379394 GIVEMORE GURI MOB 879304844 / 849304844.

We are writing to report serious challenges we are facing from the office of the Customs Director, Southern Region Director (DRS) which authorises the release of the bus.
Our bus is now being held by Customs at Maputo port, in our view, without any valid reasons and now we might be facing legal action for fraud from our customer who placed an order for bus and paid us 50% deposit as well. Pls note this bus is for Ministry of Education of Zimbabwe -Bulawayo Polytechnic.
The customs office has been holding on to the clearing process for over 3 weeks and is not communicating the reasons for the delays to us the importer . Our bus belongs to Bulawayo Polytechnic (which is under ministry of Education here in Zimbabwe) and all documents are in order. This incident has caused our Business a Loss of sale as well as hampered our reputation in the market. Also, we should note that this bus was one of the first buses we were to supply to Ministry of Education in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the Director has refused to release our in-transit cargo to Zimbabwe.
we have attached documentary evidence and report from our Maputo Agents explaining what transpired in detail for your urgent / immediate actions.’  
Progress update note
On 5th December 2023, the SADC NTB unit submitted following report from the Directorate of Customs ,Mozambique :
Through Customs Broker Florentina Virgilio Alberto Zunguze, a customs transit declaration was submitted with no. 23362286972, together with a Delivery Order with no. 23/346, dated October 25, 2023, passed by Manica Freight Services Moç a favor of Blackwood Hodge (Zimbabwe) PVT Ltd; a provisional License with no. 05 through which the Maritime Transport Institute authorizes Payflex Trading Lda to carry out the activity of Freight Agency in International Transit; a commercial invoice with no. 750966093, dated 30.09.2023, in favor of Blackwood Hodge (Zimbabwe) PVT Lda and B/l with no. MOLU18005431182.
By Law
The customs transit of goods in Mozambique is supported, among other legal provisions, by the Customs Clearance Regulation of Goods approved by Ministerial Diploma no. 51/2019, of 24 May and the Customs Transit Regulation approved by Ministerial Diploma no. 116 /2013, of August 8, as highlighted by Service Order No. 06/AT/DGA/410/2021, of February 24, a copy of which is attached.

From our appreciation
The confusion created by the Forwarder with the connivance of the Shipping Agent immediately becomes apparent, taking into account that the same merchandise has as a party to notify two different people, in this case Blackwood Hodge (Zimbabwe) PVT Lda, according to the notice of arrival and Payflex Trading Lda, according to the B/L;
Another aspect worth highlighting is the fact that there are forged documents, with the sole aim of guaranteeing benefits within the scope of the traffic regulations, since strictly speaking, the B/L must be issued in accordance with the data contained in the manifest of cargo delivered by the ship's captain in view of the tax entry, therefore, changes made by the shipping agent are not permitted, as is the case in this case;
On the SeW platform, the declaration was rejected due to this procedure being considered incorrect and, to a certain extent, criminal, if any malicious intent is proven in the change made by Manica Freight Services Mozambique  
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Mozambique: Maputo Port (Seaport)  
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Supplier Invoice number 750966093 and BL number MOLU18005431182 DT. 30.09.2023 for one Unit LP 909 40-Seater Bus with Chassis number MAT382042P8R10426 was dispatched from Mumbai port, India via Vessel Eternal Ace to Maputo Port

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2023-11-20 12:55  
2023-12-05 14:43