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1.1. Export subsidies  
SCT TRA at the ICD Kenya is delaying approval of export documents causing costly delays and non-timely delivery of products to clients in URT.
To release the tuck took 5 days. We have an issue with TRA where the physical documents have to be submitted manually. Exporters lodges documents waits for release, goes back for BT and still for a movement sheet and this is an online thing you must wait.

In case the movement sheet is not transmitted, exporters submit again for retransmission.
There is always a long queue in the ICD-TRA office that consumes a lot of time for exporters to be attended to.
This back-and-forth process is delaying the export process.
1. We request URT to resolve the matter and grant timely approval of export documents.
2. URT should automate the approvals and avoid manual approval.
3. When the SCT system is down, there should be quick resolution and an agreed time to release goods manually.

We request for timely delivery of goods to avoid the costly delays caused by URT.
Truck loaded on 24/10/2023
25/10/2023-Submitted physical file to Tra, release denied we were told to provide ETR receipt and tax invoice
26/102023- Submitted the file with all new requirements, release denied again, that the tax invoice does not match with the invoice on the assessment documents, the assessment document was declared based on proforma invoice
27/10/2023-Submitted the file again and release was issued ,BT was declared and received the same day from the agent..
30/10/2023-submitted the file again movement sheet was generated.

TZNG-23-1438288 & TZNG-23-1437343
26/9/2023- The files for the above assessment documents were submitted to TRA at ICD
• TZNG-23-1437343 - release was issued.
• TZNG-23-1438288 -was asked to compare manifest and compared the same date.
27/9/2023- the files were submitted again at 11 am
• TZNG-23-1437343- nothing was done.
• TZNG-23-1438288- release was issued.
On 27/9/2023 at 3 pm the files were submitted again
• TZNG-23-1437343-Movement sheet was generated.
• TZNG-23-1438288-movement sheet was generated.
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The Secretariat advised that this issue is operational and was not considered as an NTB"  
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Tanzania: Tanzania Revenue Authroity (Government institution)  
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2023-11-03 17:35  
2024-03-10 15:39