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7.5. Lengthy procedures  
SADC Truck drivers at all Borders with DRC are experiencing cumbersome payment procedures for the scanner costing $100 and forced parking costing $30 which has led to congestion (long queues) subjecting drivers to as; no sanitation, delayment on average by 8 days and serious security concerns; and Delayed document processing by mining houses i.e. It takes an average of 14 - 30 days to be cleared after loading.  
Progress update note
1. On 19th June 2023, the Focal Point for DRC advised that the matter will be submitted to the competent authorities in order to find an appropriate solution.
2. COMESA Secretariat facilitated a trilateral meeting held on 21 August between DRC, Malawi and Zambia during which DRC informed the meeting that the scanner and parking fees would be reviewed with the aim to get them scrapped off. DRC would also look into the lengthy and costly processing of documentation by mining houses with a view to improve the processes .
4. Following this meeting the Secretariat wrote to DRC requesting progress on feedback regarding implementation of the agreed actions to resolve the issues raised .
3. During the 3rd meeting of the COMESA NTBs forum held on 20- 22 September 2023 , Zambia reported that DRC had scrapped the scanner fees however , the scrapping of fees for scanner charges could only be considered resolved upon receipt of documentary evidence (Letter from DRC). Zambia reported that they were waiting for official communication from DRC confirming suspension of scanner charges .  
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Democratic Republic of the Congo: (Border post)  
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