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2.6. Additional taxes and other charges  
Exporters from Malawi are being charged for any transit goods at Mwami border by Chipata City Council in Zambia. The fees and charges for various commodities have been posted at Mwami border.  
Progress update note
1. During the COMESA Regional Capacity Building workshop for National Focal Points held on 3-6 April 2023 it was agreed that Zambia should engage its Ministry of Local Government and provide an update in the online system by 16 April 2023.
2. Subsequently, during a bilateral meeting between the Government of the Republic of Malawi and the Government of the Republic of Zambia on the STR which was held in Chipata on 13-14 April 2023, it was agreed that Zambia should verify if indeed the Chipata Council had stopped collecting the fees and provide feedback to Malawi and COMESA Secretariat BY 30 April 2023.
3. During the 3rd meeting of the COMESA Regional NTBs Forum , it was agreed that :
i) Zambia will provide feedback on the outcome of their internal consultations in the online system by 30th October 2023; and
ii) Both agreed that this NTBs be resolved by 31st December 2023.
4. On 25th September 2023, Zambia Focal Point reported that the matter was escalated to higher structures with the aim of having it resolved. The would continue providing updates on new developments with respect to progress made on the matter.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Zambia: Mwami (Border post)  
Reporting Country or Region
Country specific trade issue
Date of incident
In process  
Product Description
The products subject to the fees and charges includes agricultural products such as Maize, Groundnuts, Soya beans, Cotton, fruits and vegetables, plastic utensils, Timber etc

Total value
Date reported
2022-12-14 19:02  
2023-05-22 13:09