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5.5. Import licensing requirements  
An exporter in Zambia has been facing challenges obtaining import permits from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Zimbabwe as they are often told that they're non available. Alternatively, some officer from the above mentioned ministry informally tell them that they can use an already existing import permit for a Zimbabwean company but have to pay a price above than they would have obtained the permit from the ministry.  
Progress update note
1. In October 2021 , the Zimbabwe Focal Point reported that Ministry of Industry and Commerce does not issue imports permits for a company not registered in Zimbabwe. They shared the E-licencing - updated flyer from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce giving information and link for Zimbabwean importers wishing to apply for import licences. He also advised Zambia Focal Point to advise Zambian importers to use proper procedures when applying for import permit.
2. During the COMESA workshop on Capacity building for Member States held from 3- 6 April 2023, Zimbabwe Focal Point reported that the import licences were no longer required. The Focal point promised to provide to the COMESA Secretariat the Statutory instrument lifting the requirement. Zimbabwe is yet provide the statutory instrument
3. During the 3rd meeting of the COMESA Regional NTBs Forum held on 20- 22 September 2023, Zimbabwe reported that requirement for import license on sweets is waived under SI 237 of 2018 and this part of NTB is resolved . Zimbabwe will undertake internal consultations and provide feedback on the status of import license requirement for biscuits by 15th October 2023.  
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Zimbabwe: Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Government institution)  
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Country specific trade issue
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In process  
Product Description
Baked confectionaries, sweet biscuits.

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25 000.00  
Date reported
2021-08-04 14:39  
2021-10-26 16:34