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2.6. Additional taxes and other charges  
A member of the South African Brand owners Association is experiencing push back from Zambia’s Ministry of Health in that they do not want to issue the Zambian importers a Health Clearance certificate unless the product has been subjected to re-testing in Zambia.
The association presented the Certificate of Analysis issued by South African Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development which is responsible for analysis of products in South Africa, which was rejected by Zambia authorities.
The importers ended up going to meet the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health to plead their case for clearance of which the Ministry said that they could not advise on which specific metals to test and advised that for future reference and to avoid this occurring again, the importers may use the former certificates to identify the metals that are present to enable the lab to test accurately. The example attached by the Ministry was for the inclusion of the following tests:
Sorbic Acid
Zinc – ZN
Copper – CU
Iron – FE
Lead – PB
For years the South African Health Clearance Certificate was accepted. The duplication of test conducted results in the below additional costs for our importer:
R240 per wine selected. We export 202 skus. If we have to test all of them at least once a year then we will spend R48 480 annually to confirm that our products are in spect.
Following the meeting with Ministry of Health , the Zambian importers reported that some past COA’s have successfully now managed to gain clearance for 2021 Q1 and Q2. We would appreciate if this matter can be resolved.  
Status note
A meeting held on 29 November 2021 between the Zambian Health Authority , DTIC and affected stakeholders . resolved the matter as follows:

1. Undertaking by Zambia to finish South Africa with the copy of the Regulations.
2. Acceptance of the South African Health Clearance Certificate
3. Testing of products once a year instead of bi-annually.  
Progress update note
1. On 12 may 2021, South Africa Focal Point reported that the NTB remained unresolved and that the products are still stuck at Livingstone the border. The exporter requested that the Focal Points for Zambia and South Africa arrange for an interim arrangements to have them released, or they should advise exporter what to do to have them released until they come up with a permanent solution. This matter has been bought to the attention of Zambia Focal Points .
2. A bilateral meeting of relevant stakeholders from Zambia and South Africa was held on 29 November 2021.The following was agreed as way forward :
a. Zambia Ministry of Health undertook to finish South Africa Wine exporters with the copy of the Regulations.

b. Zambia Ministry of Health will from now on accept the South African Health Clearance Certificate

c. Both parties agreed that Testing of products will be done once a year instead of bi-annually  
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Zambia: Livingstone (Border post)  
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2204: Wine of fresh grapes, including fortified wines; grape must other than that of heading 20.09.

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2021-02-25 15:36  
2022-01-20 08:43