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2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures  
Introduction of Statutory Instrument 115 of 2020, Ports of Entry and Routes Amendment Order, page 785 of S.I. 115 -2020 Indicates borders and regulating hours of operation, Kariba and Victoria Falls being affected. For goods destined for Kariba, it will be very difficult and costly for traders to go via chirundu and back to Kariba . The chuiiurundu kariba route doubles the distance and therefire craetes additional cost for landing same product in Kariba. Distance to transport goods directly from Siavonga Juction to Kariba border is 78 kms . Whereas ,the Chirundu routes is: Siyavonga to the border chirundu (20kms); Add 62 kms from chirundu border to Makuti then 77 kms from Makuti to Kariba, totalling 159kms.
This Order disturbs the spirit of Regional integration , traders are crying because of COVID 19 and its effects then another 115 Pandemic, . If all exports are centralized to pass through chirundu it means we are putting pressure at one point this in turn increases chances of smuggling and paying bribes, as of more days are spent at the border. This will give pressure to clearing agents who will make errors in making entries leading to pay heavy fines, the agent will simply abandon the goods leading to the bond being cancelled , this will cause traders to have other options of smuggling and paying bribes, WHY DONT THERE BE CORRECTIVE MEASURES THAN PUNITIVE MEASURES.

This S.I. has come at a point where Zimbabwean traders are not allowed to clear goods over the counter because of COVID 19 and other regulations  
Progress update note
During the1st meeting of the COMESA Regional forum on NTBs which was held from 16 to 17, Zimbabwe requested Zambia to consider opening the Victoria Falls Border post to allow exports of coal and other products in order to reduce landed costs to consumers. Zambia explained that SI 115 was introduced to preserve Livingstone as a tourist town by diverting bulk cargo transport to rail transport. With regard to formal communication by Zimbabwe to Zambia on this issue, Zambia reported that the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry had not received the communication from Zimbabwe and undertook to make follow up and respond. We therefore request Zambia to provide update on whether the formal response to Zimbabwe was sent or not.  
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Zambia: Kariba (Border post)  
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Country specific trade issue
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sweets, soap , milk find attached

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2021-02-03 16:46  
2021-05-05 14:04