Complaint number
NTB Type
1.8. Import bans  
Kenya banned importation of sugar ,brown sugar and raw cane from Uganda  
Progress update note
1. The RMC meeting held on 1 September 2020, was informed that Kenya is working to resolve the issue not later than 22nd September, 2020. The Republic of Uganda informed the meeting that verification was done several times on these products and have trucks stuck at the border. And hence called for immediate resolution of this NTB.
2.Kenya informed the meeting the Sugar Board issues permits. Uganda informed the meeting that the Kenya sugar board is still not issuing permits for the importation of brown sugar from Uganda on the grounds that they have not yet been mandated to issue permits. Kenya advised that Uganda puts the above complaint in writing for their consideration.
3.During the NMC meeting that took place in March 2021, the meeting was informed that two bilateral meetings were held with Kenya to discuss among others the NTB on the importation of brown sugar, The Trade Ministers from both sides met and Kenya agreed that the issue will be resolved. Kenya agreed to undertake a verification mission to Uganda. The Mission has not yet taken place but there has been a commendable improvement in the area, where sugar has been allowed into Kenya. The issue on raw cane was RESOLVED  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Kenya: Ministry of Agriculture,Livestock,fisheries and cooperatives (Government institution)  
Reporting Country or Region
Country specific trade issue
Date of incident
In process  
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Date reported
2020-08-10 12:32  
2020-09-02 08:34