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1.7. Discriminatory or flawed government procurement policies  
Chemical Transport Permit for vehicles transporting Kenya’s carbon dioxide (food grade) is classified as a chemical in Tanzania (C02) The license to transport chemicals into Tanzania costs approx. US$ 2/mt. So for trucks which are usually approx. 20mt, are required to pay US$ 40 per truck. The license is issued by GCLA.  
Progress update note
On 14th July 2020, the EAC REC Focal Point reported that the East African Community Vehicle Load Control Act of 2016 Article 9 read together with the East African Community Vehicle Load Control (Special Loads) Regulations, 2018 Article 12 provides for special categories of vehicle loads that shall only be transported through the Regional Trunk Road Network if a special permit has been issued by the Minister of the relevant Partner State. The Act and Regulations are attached.
Carobndioxite is a chemical that is classified under the Industrial and consumer chemical (Management and Control) Act (pg 55) as hazardous loads and hence needs a special permit to be transported.
The small service fee charged is non-discriminatory and is provided for by Law. The relevant regulations are attached .
The Secretariat recommends that this explanation resolves the NTB  
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Tanzania: Government Chemists & Lab Allied (GLCA) (Government institution)  
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2020-07-10 17:10  
2020-07-10 17:10