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2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin  
Uganda denial of preferential market access for wheelbarrow wheels wholly manufactured by Kenrub LTD transferred into Uganda.
The wheelbarrow wheels have been verified by KRA and issued with the certifiate of origin but Uganda do not accept.
URA has not communicated officially to the manufacturer/buyer or KRA on the reasons for denial of preferential treatment.  
Status note
On 24th November 2020, the Secretariat Focal Point reported that Kenya submitted a report that they are satisfied with progress made to resolve this NTB and hence this NTB has been resolved.  
Progress update note
1. On 10 August 2020, Uganda Focal Point requested that the importer provides evidence of denial of preferential treatment to assist with the investigations.Other Kenyan companies are importing wheel barrows into Uganda without problems .
2.During the RMC meeting held on 1 September 2020, Uganda informed the meeting that there was no evidence that Uganda is denying preferential treatment to Kenyan wheel Barrows, since Uganda provides Preferential Treatment to all wheelbarrow importers.
Kenya informed the meeting that the manufacturer will lodge the entries again and submit evidence.
The meeting agreed that Kenya submits evidence for this NTB to be considered.
3.The SCTIFI held in September 2020, agreed that Kenya submits evidence for this NTB to be considered.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Uganda: Uganda Revenue Authority (Government institution)  
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2020-07-10 16:52  
2020-11-28 07:23