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2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures  
Challenges were experienced at the Livingstone and Chirundu borders of Zambia we have experienced which led to disruptions of Coca-Cola supply chain network. Although their business has been classified as an essential goods provider in all their markets across the SADC region (and therefore hoped to benefit from the provisions put in place to enable the continued free flow of these designated goods) they have experienced challenges. In Zambia they have been impacted by the implementation of a unique control measure, the “Relay System”, which blanketly requires all foreign truckers to hand over their vehicles to local drivers at the border who continue the journey into Zambia. Their main challenge is that some of the cargo only transits through Zambia enroute to other countries and this system has caused extensive delays of transit cargo flow. There is also risk that these measures may lead other SADC countries to follow suit and adopt a similar system.  
Status note
During the Zambia NMC verification mission to Chirundu on 11-12 June 2020, both Zambia and Zimbabwe border agencies reported that they had agreed that Zimbabwe side creates an official list of clearing agents doing business during the COVID-19 Pandemic was prepared and shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia. NTB was resolved by this temporary measure  
Progress update note
Zambia NMC is undertaking consultations with relevant authorities and they will provide feedback as soon as possible .  
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Zambia: Livingstone (Border post)  
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2020-04-22 11:10  
2020-06-23 12:45