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1.7. Discriminatory or flawed government procurement policies  
Disrimination and denial of Market Access for salt in Burundi.

There was a survey carried by Ministry incharge of Public Health in 2018 in relation to the consumption of salt, that the result revealed that only 52% of Burundians consume adequately iodized salt. On the basis of this survey the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism has taken measures to authorize and license four trading companies as importers of adequately iodized packaged with an iodization rate of between 30 and 60ppm and provided with a certificate of conformity from Standards Bureau of the importing country. The companies authorized and approved by Ministry to import salt in Burundi are the followings;
1. Ubuntu Investment company
2. Geprotus
3. Gitega Business Centre
4. Burundi Import (BIMPO)

No other company or individual is authorized to import and market food salt without the authorization of the Minister in-charge of trade. The issue is the government of Burundi is discriminating other companies to import salt in Burundi. This is against EAC rules and procedures, if the issue is standard of salt there is mutual recognition concerning standard in EAC as per SQMT Act 2016.
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Burundi: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism (Government institution)  
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2020-04-09 13:59  
2020-08-04 09:55