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Other type: Quarantine for All Truck drivers  
Zambia imposeS a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all truck drivers entering Zambia during the covid 19 pandemic. From 28 March 2020, drivers using the Kazungula Ferry border post were detained at Kazungula border post and later moved to different sites in Lusaka such as UNZA. It is not clear whether all drivers were screened at the border post to establish if they showed symptoms COVID 19 . All driver are being quarantined including drivers without COVID 19 symptoms. This is not in line with SADC guidelines that stipulates that Member states will undertake initial screening and only quarantine those that show symptoms of COVID 19.

Zambia should have notified all SADC member states of their mandatory quarantine period in advance as required by the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation and WHO Interim Guidance on Quarantine of individuals in the context of the containment of corona virus disease (COVID-19) so that traders could plan accordingly. Zambia ambushed traffic in transit.

Zambia should implement the SADC guidelines which were recently adopted.  
Status note
On 19 Appril 2020, FESARTA reported that all drivers under quarantine have since been released.

Also Zambia has now produced a COVID - 19 Guidelines on Screening for Trucks carrying essential commodities. At certain Zambian border posts such as Vic Falls, Kazangula, Chinade and Chipata drivers are required to be screened and tested for COVID-19, meaning that they are quarantined until the test results are available and if negative for COVID-19 are released to proceed and deliver the cargo to the final destination, if they test positive they are quarantined for 14 days and the transporter must send another driver to replace the quarantined driver to deliver the load. Other border post such as Chirundu, Kasumbalesa and Nakonde, drivers are screened for temperatures and if no symptoms they are allowed to proceed and deliver the cargo to the final destination.  
Progress update note
1. On 8 April 2020, Zambia focal Point advised that they were following up developments on this issue with relevant authorities and provide feedback as soon as possible.

2. On 9 April 2020, Zambia Focal Point / NMC Chair reported that Screening is going on at all ports of entry in Zambia.
Currently a 14 day Mandatory quarantine is in place for people coming into the Country from high risk Countries as determined by the Ministry of Health. Focal Point attached Press Statement by the Minister of Health for reference.  
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Zambia: Kazungula Ferry (Border post)  
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2020-04-08 09:48  
2020-04-21 17:57