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2.7. International taxes and charges levied on imports and other tariff measures  
Tanzania introduced new discriminative fees levied against animal and animal products vide Animal Diseases (Animal and Animal products Movement Control) amendment GN no. 475. This discriminatory fees to Kenya (EAC) animal and animal products i.e. beef and beef products, milk and milk products vis-à-vis Tanzania products has increased levies to 4800Tsh per Kg of meat (Ksh from 200 to 500) and 1800 Tsh per Kg for milk. This is against the spirit of the EAC where Tanzania (Partner States) is required to accord equal treatment to products from Kenya. This has negatively affected Kenya beef and beef products into Tanzania.  
Status note
During the Tanzania NMC meeting held in April 2021, the Meeting was informed that the charge is on Imports from outside the Region and not transfers from the East African Partner States. Since the Republic of Kenya has not produced any evidence of the complaint, the NTB should be resolved  
Progress update note
1.During the RMC held on 10th August 2020, the United Republic of Tanzania reported that the Law is not discriminative.
The meeting agreed that Kenya should submit evidence on this NTB to show that Tanzania is discriminating against Kenya.
2.The SCTIFI held in September 2020,agreed that the Republic of Kenya submits evidence for the issue to be considered an NTB.  
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Tanzania: Ministry of Agriculture (Government institution)  
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2020-03-11 09:41  
2021-04-06 23:56