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5.14. Restrictive licenses  
The newly introduced Rwanda FDA is a double registration and a violation to EAC originating products with standardization quality marks for mutual recognition.
Rwanda FDA was never notified to Kenya/EAC
This will mean products going through double registration/approval systems in EAC. Rwanda to consider exempting EAC products from FDA

These are stringent new requirements on the EAC Community Products:
- when you want to import you need to request for import license, we no longer export/import from EAC, therefore when products have quality standardization mark it serves as one of documents to prove the safety of the products.
- You will also need to provide the product invoice and batch test reports to get the import license, before a products is issued with SMark it must be tested and confirmed that it conforms to the EAC products certification therefore this requirements should be exempted from locally manufactured products with quality marks and Certificate of Origin.
- Registration of the products: it is now mandatory to have the products registered have unique Smark numbers. Authenticity of products can be obtained online on the National bureaus.
- Registration fee will make locally manufactured products noncompetitive.  
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Dear Monica

can we have progress report from the NMC meeting on this NTB  
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Rwanda: Rwanda FDA (Government institution)  
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