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7.4. Costly procedures  
TRA cannot issue assessment for confectionery until Atomic Energy Certificate is attached in the system. This means samples have to be provided by agent / client to the Atomomic Energy in Arusha and a fee of 0.4% of invoice value paid. Samples from the whole country have to be sent to Arusha.
It then takes about 3-4 days for the certificate to be issued. The agent can then proceed with lodging the assessment after attaching the certificate in the system
Progress update note
During the Sectoral Committee on Trade of 1st January, 2019, the United Republic of Tanzania examined the explanation and evidence provided by the Republic of Kenya and observe the following:
a) Republic of Kenya should not generalize the matter, the evidence provided was related to the company transporting chemicals into Tanzania;
b) Transport permits for chemicals related products are issued once the import permit has been issues
c) For the case of this evidence provided by Kenya, the import permit no.964556 was issued to Kiboko Precoated sheer on 21st of August, 2019 and on the same date 21st of August, 2019, A transport permit 174391 was issued to transport the said chemicals (Charan sign& Sons campany) and therefore there were no delayed in issuing the transport permit as it was issued on the same day. It should noted that the company imports those chemicals is the Tanzania company and transporter of those chemicals was Kenyan Company.
d) United Republic of Tanzania is requesting all exporters to seek all necessary document required before arrival at the Border Post to avoid any delayed and register on the online portal
e) Currently Tanzania do provide chemical and transport permits from Monday to Saturday using the online portal. In addition to that, we have chemical inspectors at all border points operating 24/7.  
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Tanzania: Namanga & Arusha (Government institution)  
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2019-11-01 09:57  
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