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2.13. Issues related to Pre-Shipment Inspections  
Lack of recognition of online KEBs standardization mark validity.
Delay in release of shipment , increased cost of transportation

UNBS and KEBS to mutually recognize online standardization mark validities/online KEBs certificate to avoid any costly delays.  
Status note
The SCTIFI held in September 2020, noted that the issue is operational and should be referred to the quality assurance technical subcommittee for consideration and resolution. The NTB is resolved from this EAC Time Bound Programme.  
Progress update note
1. During the Sectoral Committee on Trade held on 28 October - 1 November 2019, the Republic of Uganda informed the meeting that she will consult and report back during the SCTIFI of November 2019
2. On 10 March 2020, the Secretariat reported that; During the NMC meeting, Kenya reported that, the quality marks are issued against a permit that can be physical or electronic. KEBS issues a physical permit and updates the same online in order to facilitate the movement of goods and verification of permit status. Kenya urged Uganda and other Partner States to recognize the online permit. Uganda was expected to report on the resolution of this NTB.
3. On 10 August 2020, Uganda Focal Point reported that UNBS clarified that mutual recognition is for EAC standards but Kenya wanted mutual recognition on Kenya standards which wasn’t inline with the SQMT act .Partner States are supposed to adapt EAC standards as National standards. Partner States had been given 6 months for adaption. Also UNBS clarified that the KEBS website wasn’t being updated real time and this would mean that the confirmations would take long and would rely on mail and phone. Kenya wanted Uganda to recognize letters issued for products yet these same permits wouldn’t be reflected on the website and the same permits weren’t meeting requirements of the SQMT act. Uganda attached the official letter sent to KEBS and the public notice.
4.The REC NTB Focal Point reported that RMC meeting held on 10 August 2020, agreed that the NTB be referred to the quality assurance technical subcommittee for consideration and resolution.  
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Uganda: UNBS (Government institution)  
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