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2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin  
Republic of Burundi has denied preferential treatment of MS -Plate (Iron sheet) produced by ALAF Company in Tanzania.  
Status note
During the NMC meeting, held in April 2021, the meeting was informed that the NTB was Resolved.  
Progress update note
1. During the meeting of Committee on Trade held on 28 October - 1 November 2019, Republic of Burundi reported that she is still consulting on the evidence given.
2. On 9th August 2020 The REC Focal Point reported that the RMC meeting was informed that the Republic of Burundi is organising a verification mission to Tanzania to resolve the issue. The Mission will be undertaken by the Burundian Officers based in Dar Es Salaam. The meeting requested the Republic of Burundi to fast-track the verification process
3. On 17 November 2020, Burundi reported that From 3rd to 4th November,2020, the Burundi NMC organized a verification mission at the Headquarter of ALAF Company. During that mission, the two teams went together through the EAC CET and the letter from EAC Secretariat and the EAC Customs Union Rules of Origin,2015 and realized that the 10 percent is charged in all Partner States for all the products having tariff code,,
Both teams were satisfied and the concern has been addressed. Burundi therefore requests that the NTB be marked resolved .
4. On 17 November 2020, Burundi advised that the NTB had been resolved. The EAC Secretariat noted that the verification was done by the Republic of Burundi and ALAF administration in the absence of the Tanzania Government Officials and therefore requested the two Partner states to be advise if this report can be accepted in the manner of resolving the NTB.  
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Burundi: Bujumbura Port (Other)  
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2019-10-15 19:31  
2021-04-06 23:50