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8.6. Vehicle standards  
Botswana requires that transporters get exemption permits issued either in Francistown or Gaborone, the same original permits must then be couriered to Kazungula where the permit then must be presented to the Kazungula PTC for authorisation and stamping, then to the Botswana Power Corporation for authorisation and stamping, only then can the truck proceed to Kazungula weighbridge and present the permit and be inspected and weighed.These permits are only valid for 7 days so the window in which to use the same permit is very narrow, especially since there are sometimes issues where Zambia Revenue Authority Asycuda system experiences failures and down time.

Further, Transporters are required to put up abnormal signs and red flags on the trucks before they can be released by the Kazungula weighbridge staff. The weighbridge does not permit trucks with over 4.3 Metres high is not permit and yet most of the trailers which the transporters run are just under 4.4 Meters high with a High Cube container on board.

There are no bridges or low power lines, to which a High cube container with a height of 4.6 Metres , would pose a threat to on the entire route from Zambia through Botswana and South Africa .

This is another one of many hurdles being put in the road which is increasing the costs of regional trade and is yet another barrier to trade on our corridor to South Africa.  
Status note
On 10th April 2018 , Botswana Focal Point reported that Botswana is in compliance with the Regional Standard Dimensions of Vehicles in all its aspects; and specifically the 4.3m overall height.

Exemption permits for over height vehicles is issued from two (2) central locations i.e. Gaborone and Francistown. However Botswana has eased the problem on transporters by issuing Annual exemptions which means the transporter need only to apply once in a year for his Fleet crossing into Botswana. The exemption has no limitations on the number of trips the transporter undertakes nor when the trips are made. The frequent users of the corridor are at liberty to apply for a one year permit.

Transporters are expected to apply for the permit either through their representatives or agents well in advance to enable Department of Roads to process the permit on time. Copies are sent to all the weighbridges along the route that the truck will follow.For safety purposes abnormal signs and red flags are supposed to be mounted on the vehicles before they are allowed onto the public road.  
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Botswana: Kazungula Road (Border post)  
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2017-11-10 11:03  
2018-04-17 20:28