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8.8. Issues related to transit  
Transporters are experiencing substantial delays at the weigh-bridges in Zambia when transiting to and from DRC. To make matters worse trucks get weighed at more than one weigh bridge even though the drivers have copies of the initial weigh bridge slips showing no overloads.  
Progress update note
On 25th January 2018, Zambia Focal Point reported that the Road Development Agency (RDA) was acting within the law (The Tolls Act of 2011). As a result, trucks are continuously weighed to ensure that no extra loads are added onto the trucks. There is an going process to designate weigh bridges for international truckers as part of the vehicle load management programmes being implemented under the tripartite . Delays in the weighing process are only occasional and not every time. A normal weighing process takes 3 to 5 minutes depending on the details being submitted.  
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Zambia: Kapiri Mposhe (Weighbridge)  
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South Africa  
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In process  
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2017-10-12 10:35  
2018-02-08 23:08