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7.3. Corruption  
A week or so ago one of the drivers got stopped at Dondo Check Point in Mozambique.
They told the driver that his International Driving Permit (AA) was fake.
We ended up having to pay a fine of 50,000 mts equating to $833.00. With administration charges we have paid out $1,026.00 (fine attached)
The AA have verified our Driving permit is actually not fake.
Attached the report from our agent in Beira of Beloma Mr. Dirk Dieltiens.
Attached his report and correspondence.
Attached the old and new Permit from AA and the letter confirming documentation is in good order.

Progress update note
The Mozambique Focal Point reported that consultations had been initiated with the focal point in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, who will get in touch with the police to clarify this issue, as soon as possible  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Mozambique: Police checkpoint in Dondo (Other)  
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Date of incident
In process  
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1 026.00  
Date reported
2017-07-10 13:13  
2017-07-11 08:33