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7.4. Costly procedures  
KBP company who constructed the new border between Zambia and DRC , about 6 years or so ago pegged crossing fees at $100/truck for the Zambia side and $100 for DRC side. The same charge is levied for the return journey therefore transporters pay total crossing fees of $400/truck for a round trip .Further , parking fees of $25/truck/day are enforced for units that stay over 24 hours in the parking bay. These fees were justified at the beginning as these were to modernize the border. However, the transport rates have tumbled by as much as 40 % and we all now have to look at cutting costs.

Taking into account the number of vehicle crossings daily, the US$ 400 crossing fees per round trip has now become a barrier to trade and is having an impact on growth in trade in the region.  
Status note
During the meeting of NTBs Focal Points held on 19- 21 August 2019, Zambia reported the charges are part of the contractual obligations which will expire in 2023.  
Progress update note
During the 15th meeting of the SADC Sub Committee on Trade facilitation, Zambia reported that the new border had been constructed under a PPP agreement between KBP and Zambian Government and therefore the charges could be part of the contractual conditions governing such contracts. Zambia will undertake further consultations on the issue and report back.  
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South Africa  
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