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2.6. Additional taxes and other charges  
Importers of beans, ground nuts and sweet potatoes from Zambia into Botswana have complained that they have of late, been charged amount in excess on BWP 1 000 by some Zambian border authority for which receipts are never issued. A number of those complaints have revealed that no receipts were issued to denote what the BWP 1 000 was being paid for. No explanation was also given. These importers have, while in Zambia paid all the charges relating to phytosanitary and other charges for their goods-receipts for such are duly produced.

The additional charge is suspected to be charged without any legal basis from Zambia Government. This additional charge is placing a burden on small traders whose livelihood depends on selling the products in Botswana.
Status note
On 25th January 2018, Zambia reported that no Zambian Border Authority Charges this Fee and without receipt for that matter. Border Agencies suspect this could be a case of false representation of a Government agency. The matter will be passed on to security wings for further interrogation. If additional information could be availed to assist in identifying those involved. This NTB is considered resolved.  
Progress update note
During the 15th meeting of the SADC Sub Committee on Trade facilitation held in may 2017,Zambia reported that in their meeting, it was agreed that these charges were illegal and therefore not to be charged. Zambia has initiated sensitization to discourage such practices. The officials charges are Pula 80 that importers and exporters are required to pay. Botswana reported that their importers were still facing that NTB. The Meeting recommended that Zambia issues official notice at the Borders so that importers know that they are not required to pay that. Zambia to put public Notice and provide written communication at borders . The Secretariat reported that SCCC agreed that Member States should consider putting in place security measures to help identify culprits .  
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Zambia: Kazungula Ferry (Border post)  
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2017-01-05 11:14  
2018-02-08 23:16