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2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures  
The South African Revenue Services at OR Tambo have detained consignment destined for Maseru since 29 August 2016 without explanation. This is yet another time when our goods are detained for more than a week and yet they are destined for Lesotho and not South Africa. The airway bill clearly has the address of the importer being in Lesotho but South African Customs detains the goods nonetheless. South African Customs is requested to explain the rationale for detaining goods destined for other countries , in this case Lesotho and whether it is lawful that goods which arrived on 29 August are still detained?  
Status note
Dear Focal Points South Africa and Lesotho,

This issue was resolved long time ago. However, the SADC secretariat recommended that a long term solution be secured that responds to such questions as asked by Lesotho on above comment. You are kindly requested to recommend a way forward on the long term solutions. Otherwise we need to resolve this NTB as per current status . South Africa Focal point is of the view that we resolve it and I agree. This NTB is therefore resolved on the understanding that the Focal Points of Lesotho and South Africa will make necessary arrangements to ensure that the problem does not repeat itself in future now that it has been identified.

System administrator  
Progress update note
SADC Secretariat observed that the importer from Lesotho was faced with challenges reflecting Lesotho as the final port of disembarkation because all goods coming by air to Maseru lend at OR Tambo from where they are dispatched to consigned addresses. This particular airway bill will therefore reflect OR Tambo as final port of disembarkation but consigned to Maseru. This situation is therefore beyond their control .

The Customs department in the Secretariat will therefore facilitate consultations between SARs and the Importer in Maseru to find way forward with regards future and any similar consignments to that country .  
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South Africa: OR Tambo International Airport (Airport)  
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6 100.00  
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2016-09-05 23:08  
2016-12-01 16:07