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8.8. Issues related to transit  
With reference to Resolved NTB-000-606, the matter is anything but resolved. We continue to experience attacks on our vehicles when using the Munhava Port Access. We have contacted numerous Security Companies in Beira to provide security for the vehicles, all have refused quoting the security situation. We have also been advised by other transporters that placing guards on the vehicles will only draw further action against the vehicles in an act of defiance/retribution. The Police do seem to be prepared to escort the vehicles, but we have no contacts nor tariffs charged. In the past week we have recorded 3 violent incidents.  
Progress update note
1. During the 15th meeting of the SADC Sub Committee on Trade facilitation, Mozambique reported that they noted the misbehavior by certain truck drivers sometimes they divert the trucks to inappropriate cites and are reported . Zambia has never reported those wrong doers and perpetrators. Mozambique requested Zambia to clarify the specific experiences. Zambia to provide feedback.
2. On 21 October 2021, Mozambique Focal Point reported thatRegarding this complaint, the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) is aware of the problem of robberies on trucks that travel through the Munhava District to access or leave the Port of Beira. In this section, trucks move slowly, allowing this type of incident to happen, especially at traffic lights. Aware of its responsibility to ensure public order and security, the Provincial Command of the PRM in Sofala has already made the hotspots with the highest number of robberies a priority when deploying the Police Force to conduct permanent patrols.
In order to improve security at these points, the Provincial Command of the PRM in Sofala is available to receive road transport operators and coordinate with them, either by conducting vehicle escort services or other legally provided security mechanisms. To this end, interested operators can contact the Provincial Command of the PRM in Sofala in the person of the respective Commander.  
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Mozambique: Beira Port (Seaport)  
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