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2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures  
Single Customs Territory (SCT) export documents processing in Tanzania are taking longer up to 10 days to be cleared instead of 3 days.
Status note
During the SCTIFI in November, 2018, the meeting was informed that TRA requires a Bonded Transportation document (BT) to control movement of cargo. Currently, there is no linkage between the BT and the exit note. TRA ICT experts are expected to resolve the matter by 9th November 2018. The meeting agreed that this is a single customs territory (SCT) matter and not an NTB. Hence the NTB was Resolved.  
Progress update note
The 21st EAC NTBs Regional Forum held in Nairobi recommended that URT consults with their National Standing Committee on SCT and report back during the next meeting.

URT reported that there has been improvement and days for processing the documents have reduced. URT requested Kenya to provide specific cases affected by this NTB so as to enable follow-up. It was reported that generally consignments with correct documentation are cleared on time.

However, Kenya reported that the delays are still ongoing. Manufacturers are still being charged exhobitant fees ($300). Kenya submitted evidence of specific cases at the time of reporting the NTB.

Kenya will resubmit the evidences earlier submitted to the Secretariat including new evidence.  
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Tanzania: Tanzania Revenue Authority (Government institution)  
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2016-07-11 17:39  
2018-11-20 09:30