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5.12. Export restraint arrangements  
Zimbabwe Registered Transporters were offered maize loads from Zambia for export to Harare. Some of the trucks loaded and moved. A balance of 4 trucks have been held back due to what we believe are investigations by the Government of Zambia over issues related to smuggling of maize. It is understood now that the Exporters in Zambia are exporting maize illegally with false documentation.

Despite numerous and repeated requests to either off-load the trucks or verify the documents and release the trucks, the vehicles remain in Kafue with no solution in sight, 18 days after the trucks loaded. The Zambian Army is holding the trucks and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture is refusing to getting involved to assist the truck release process. There are apparently around one hundred trucks being held at Kafue at present for an issue which is not related to the transporter, but which is directly related to the Exporter and the Zambian Authorities.

We urgently request that these trucks be offloaded and released by the military and Zambian Authorities as this is costing the Transporters a lot of money in lost revenue and it is illegal for the Zambian Authorities and army to hold the transporters liable in this case.
Status note
On 13th September 2016, FESARTA advised that the trucks were released so the NTB is resolved.  
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Zambia: Kafue (Weighbridge)  
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2016-07-08 16:49  
2016-09-13 13:50