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5.15. Other  
Numerous monetary charges required by various agencies in the United Republic of Tanzania on exports of dairy products  
Progress update note
1. At the 16th EAC NTBs Forum held in Kigali, noted that the SCTIFI urged Partner States to forward charges on dairy products to the EAC Secretariat in order to work modalities to harmonize them. The Secretariat informed the meeting that it was only the Republic of Kenya and Rwanda who had submitted their charges. The meeting recommended the other Partner States to submit their charges by 31st December, 2014. The time frame for addressing this issue is June 2015.
2. At the 26th Regional Monitoring Committee meeting, the Secretariat reported that they had sent a letter to Partner States to submit the additional charges for harmonization.
3.The Secretariat reported that the study on discriminative fees and charges of the equivalent effect that affect trade in the region was conducted and the report was validated on 28th February 2020 via Video Conference. Tanzania did not participate in the VC meeting due to connection challenges and will submit their comments once the validated report is shared. The study recommended the establishment of a regional task force to harmonize the fees and charges
4.The Secretariat wrote to the Partner States to provide names of RTF members. All Partner States have nominated members. The Secretariat will convene a meeting of the RTF by January 2022.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Tanzania: Various State Agencies (Government institution)  
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Country specific trade issue
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In process  
Product Description
Dairy products

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2015-02-06 15:45  
2015-02-06 15:45