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2.8. Lengthy and costly customs clearance procedures  
cumbersome and bureaucratic delays encountered in the processing of documentation and clearing of goods at the border posts.  
Status note
Malawi reported that she had established trade facilitation tools e.g. Development of OSBPs with Zambia,( Muchinji/Mwami) and Tanzania. Draft agreements have been Mozambique and Malawi were now awaiting Official signing at Ministerial level. Malawi has also developed a one stop Malawi Trade portal with all legal regulations and procedures for all institutions in Malawi that deal with trade in goods. All trade and business related forms and procedures for the respective institutions can be dowloaded from the trade portal.  
Progress update note
1. SADC SCTF urged Malawi to expedite the implementation of the relevant provisions of the International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures also known as the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC). It also recommended that Malawi should pursue the implementation of trade facilitation instruments such as the Coordinated Border Management Concept, Single Window concept, Post Clearance and Risk Management Concepts at major border posts with the objective to reduce delays and eliminate unnecessary impediments.

2. At the 11th SCTF held on 23 may 2013 in Gaborone, Malawi reported that Government of Malawi was implementing various programmes including Single window border post initiative which is a long term measure. Short term measures were being undertaken.  
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Malawi: Dedza (Government institution)  
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