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7.9. Inadequate trade related infrastructure  
Periodic port congestion in Tanzania makes logistical planning near impossible , which impact negatively on perishable exports.  
Status note
Tanzania reported that by July 2010, the import container dwell time had been reduced to 10 days, ship waiting time from 13 days to 4 days and ship turnaround time from 19 days to 3 days. This improvement has been attributable to additional investment to increase handling capacity which involved reorganisation of the port area (additional capacity of 14,000 TEU's) and opening of new ICD (additional capacity of 10,000 TEU's). This is complimented by supportive tariff for ICD and punitive tariff for overstayed containers within the port. New customs procedures which include online submission of declarations and supporting documents, reduced percentage of physical verifications, partial submission of manifest all have contributed positively to reduce dwell time. Efforts are now geared towards implementing a single window port community system PCS TO FURTHER REDUCE CONTAINER DWELL TIME TO 5 DAYS.
Establishment of ICD was meant to create additional space of approximately 10,000 TEU's as pointed out earlier.
All transit containers were excluded in the process of being sent to ICD in order to reduce the inconvenience to the customers and also get rid of the double handling that would be created by sending the transit containers to ICD.
ICD are currently working as an extension of the port and hence monitoring of transit containers not sent to ICD will be easily monitored. Therefore this will not be subjected to any charges since all transit containers will be stationed at the port.  
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Tanzania: Dar-es-Salaam Port (Seaport)  
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South Africa  
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2009-07-26 00:00  
2011-05-23 11:07