Complaint number
NTB Type
2.7. International taxes and charges levied on imports and other tariff measures  
Malawi imposed 20%surcharge on all imports of chicken and eggs.  
Status note
At the 3rd meeting the Tripartite NTBs Focal Points and NMC Chairs, Malawi reported that they are still charging the 20% excise duty as indicated by the complainant. They indicated that this is in their regulation and there are no indications that the situation might change soon. South Africa pointed out that this is a NTB and Malawi should endeavour to remove it. SA also requested Malawi to upload the regulation on the NTB website as a comment to this complaint, and post the relevant regulation on the website under “notifications”. It was therefore resolved that this NTB be transferred to the section for Resolved NTBs of regulatory nature for further consideration since no action can be taken immediately.  
Progress update note
Malawi reported that it’s charging 20% excise duty and not surcharge on all imported chickens and eggs under an instrument. Ministry of Industry and Trade will notify the relevant legal instrument to SADC secretariat  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Malawi: Malawi Revenue Authority (Government institution)  
Reporting Country or Region
South Africa  
Date of incident
Date of resolution
Product Description
Poultry and Eggs  
Total value
Date reported
2009-07-26 00:00  
2012-04-26 16:19