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5.10. Prohibitions  
Ban on Imports

Kenya has complained that Uganda had placed a ban on beef imports  
Status note
Uganda reported that the issue is not for Kenya but all other Partner States. And it is only on frozen beef she resolved the issue.  
Progress update note
1. During the Extra Ordinary SCTIFI that sat in February, 2018 Uganda reported that that they have made significant efforts towards resolving this NTB and is still in process of resolving it. Kenya is looking forward for a final commitment to lift the ban.
2. The Dedicated Session of the Permanent/ Principal/Under Secretaries and Cabinet Secretary of Trade and EAC Affairs held in Kampala to deliberate on how to resolve these NTBs Dedicated Session recommended that the NTB be finalised during the Ministerial Meeting in November, 2017 in Arusha.

3. A bilateral meeting was held between Kenya and Uganda between 29th– 30th October, 2015 and among others deliberated on this NTB and agreed that the issue be eventually resolved pending submission of documents on amended laws on fulfillment of conditions for control of bovine and other import diseases into Kenya, by Kenyan authorities to the Ugandan High Commission in Kenya for onward transmission to Uganda government "

4. On 11th September 2014, COMESA Secretariat reported that COMESA had engaged Uganda on this issue but the status still remained the same. Earlier in April 2014, COMESA Secretariat had also suggested that this NTB be addressed within the EAC arrangement. EAC focal points are therefore expected to take this issue up at the next NTBs Ministerial Forum.
5. The NTBs Ministerial Forum urged the Republic of Kenya to review the legal notice No. 69 to address the issues of the BSE disease by December 30th, 2012.  
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Uganda: Ministry of Rourism, Trade and Industry (Government institution)  
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2007-12-03 00:00  
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